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At present a cure for Foot and Mouth disease is not available, but successful treatment and cures have been reached by using the homeopathic remedy Borax 30C Prevention using Borax 30)

One dose daily for three days. Then twice weekly for two more doses;-
After that a dose a week should be sufficient during the period of possible exposure.

For Cattle –Allow 2 drops per dose. Give the first dose on an individual basis, then subsequent doses either individually or in the drinking water of all the animals in the herd.-
8 eight ounce bottles are sufficient for the first week or two for 100 cattle adults or calves - one drop per dose-

For Sheep - prepare one bottle of dilution in a perfectly clean household or garden spray bottle,
Shake very vigorously before use.
Give a spray onto the muzzle for each dose.
Four bottles are enough for 100 sheep for the first week or two-
Lambs - one drop per dose

For Adult pigs – Same As for cattle.
Piglets - one drop per dose

The recommended frequency of doses should not be exceeded.
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