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In the last few years, the BOER goat has become prevalent in the Dairy Goat scene. We all have noticed more and more dairies raising this breed, and other meat breeds. The meat goat industry is definitely on the rise.

This has brought with it many problems that have ordinarily been handled by Dairy Goat breeders, and others that are not so normal.

There have been more cases of sore mouth, Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL), and above all, Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis (CAE), a form of goat arthritis, that leaves dairy animals with hardened udders, effectively rendering them useless, and turning them into slaughter animals.

Learning to be a Naturopath has brought to light some wonderful treatments which can totally eliminate and restore to health, an animal infected with CAE, using Homeopathics.

CAE udders are typified by hardness and little milk, not much inflammation, and much internal scarring.

Initial CAE symptoms may be twinned by does exposed to heavy poisons, insecticides, moldy hay, smoke inhalation (from a fire) ammonia from a dirty barn, etc.

The doe, which has previously had nice soft udder, freshens with a distended edematous bag, with little milk production. There is a hardened area that goes from the top of the attachment under the tail, down the middle to the front attachment. Often the entire back is bulged out and hard.

Initial treatment would be to give ONE dose of Belladonna "F", followed by Aconitum Napelus "F", and if in the case of exposure to poisons, Nux vomica "F", or if the doe seems very weak, Carbo Vegatabilis "F". I also include Urtica Urens 200 C.

A dose for a goat is 1 pellet or tablet.

And, finally, I give Cornebacterium, potentized, also in an "F" potency, and Bacillus of Burnet 200C, one dose each to all Herd members.

The "F" after the remedy means that all of the titrations are mixed in one remedy, thus a combination of a "shotgun and rifle" effect. The low titrations of a remedy, say 3X etc., have a shotgun effect at the target infection, but is weak. It won't miss, but will take a while to act. The higher titrations, say 1 M, have a rifle effect, which targets right in the middle the effectuation, but if it is wrong, will miss entirely. Using an "F" potency, will eliminate guesswork in an emergency.

I administer the remedies, of one pellet or tablet of each, stuffed into the middle of a gum drop, opening the gumdrop, putting the pills into the sticky middle, then pinching the drop back closed. All medications in pill form can be easily administered in this manner, goats love gumdrops. (except red ones !)

I condition my animals at a young age to love gum drops by offering them occasionally on top of their ration, thereby rendering them easier to treat if ill.

A fresh doe gets an untreated gumdrop each milking as a treat, medicated or not, and they raise Cain if they are deprived of their yummy!

If the hardening has not improved by the next morning, or has gotten worse, and the udder is NOT hot or inflamed, but the doe does not like to be milked, and hesitates to get up on the stand, I administer Phytolacca Decandra 1M, and Calcarea Carbonica 1M, in a gum drop: the next two mornings, I give one dose of Phytolacca Decandra 1 M alone, in their gumdrop.

Phytolacca decandra is a specific for "hardness of udder". Milk will immediately increase after the first dose.

I will write next time about increasing milk and udder development.

To Completely CURE CAE do this:
Go to this Website:

Then put this in the search space: Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis
Click on caprine.
You have now ordered the CAE nosode which will CURE all traces of CAE.
Scroll down and select: soft tablets
Then go to size and select 50 grams (2 ounces).
Click: Add to cart then follow the directions to check out.
You can pay with your credit card, it will change dollars to pound automatically.
Give this to your goats with CAE or have been exposed to CAE one dose twice daily for 2 weeks.
Viola! No more CAE even by testing.
You don't need The other remedies unless the udder is hard.

** There are 740 tablets in 2 ounces **
** This is enough to treat 26 goats **

Good luck!

Dr Alva Irish
is a Board Certified Homeopath and Naturopath.
She is also a Homeopathic Research scientist for
Center for Mankind Foundation.
She has developed a CURE complete with directions for CAE.
office 864-605-0474
*Remember to use rubber gloves when handling Homeopathic remedies!

A dose is to touch it, breathe it, eat one pellet, or eat the entire bottle.
*article written for Kansas State College of Veterinary Medicine for their student's files.
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