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The Homeopathic Cure for Marek’s Disease in Chicks
"I was having a problem with my chicks. They were about two weeks old.
All of a sudden, three of them developed this problem. I treated them homeopathically, successfully.
Here are the symptoms...
Their legs become paralyzed.
They will either be sticking straight out behind them or off to the side.
They absolutely can't walk.
Their feet take on this distorted shape like they've been stricken with rheumatoid arthritis or something.
They get the shakes and tremors, lose coordination and all energy.
Their head drops wherever and they can hardly lift their head.
I treated them with the homeopathic and put some in the water for all the others.
By the next day they were all fine."
The Symptoms are consistent with Marek's disease.
Since we may not be able to get vaccinated chicks in the future, this information is important!
Here are the Homeopathic used to eliminate this deadly disease:
Ars alb, rhus tox, kali mur, kali phos, zinc met, ferum phos, aconite

Dr. Alva Irish
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