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Now I will explain how Homeopathy can alleviate the symptomology of HIV and AIDs.

This discussion also pertains to other forms of Immune response debilities which may have been caused by some sort of poison exposure, such as Agent Orange, Carbon Monoxide, Weed Killers, and other Chemical exposures.

I do not propose to know everything about HIV, or the actions of the virus, etc., and altho it is interesting reading material for me, it has nothing to do with how Homeopathy can bring about a reversal in your conditions.

Remember, Homeopathy works on the principal, that even the Mayo Clinic and the British Lancet have made a Public statement about, and that statement is: "We have found after much study, that "The Homeopathic Docterine of "Like Cures Like" is true",

Therefore, no matter WHAT the disease or condition is called, if I can find a match for the symptoms presented, in Homeopathy, or even if I can potentize the actual virus, THEN THERE IS A CURE FOR THOSE SYMPTOMS.

So, if it is a baby born with HIV or active AIDS, or if you are Gay or Lesbian, or a Drug User, or have gotten ill from a transfusion, and you come to me for help, IT DOESN'T MATTER who you are, or how you got the condition you came to me for help with, because I am simply not interested in that aspect of the information at all except as yet another Rubric in the long list I will have to go through in my Research in order to choose the proper remedies for your set of Symptoms.

Taking into account the devastating effects of the HIV virus, or really any set of poisoning circumstances, that have done such a drastic amount of damage that your body begins to shut itself down system by system, this set of Rubrics is one of the most difficult to alleviate.

This goes into Chronicity, and will not be alleviated overnight.

The first steps I will have to take in helping an immune deficient individual is to re-activate the non-reactive body.

There are remedies with the Rubric, "Lack of reaction". I would have to boost those organs affected the most using Nosodes, which are the products of healthy Organ tissue, itself ; Sarcodes, which are the products of Diseases or diseased Tissues; or Organosodes, which are the actual Organ itself, potentized. The strength of the potency when using Organosodes, delineates whether or not the organ is stimulated, suppressed, or stabilized. The strength of a Sarcode makes it more likely in a Higher potency, that there will be no "aggravation" or untoward reaction that occasionally arises from giving a lower potency, such as Streptococcinum, and Staphylicoccinum, which in low potencies such as 3X, etc., tend to give short term reactions then alleviation, instead of the immediate alleviation with little or no reaction gained through the use of a higher potency such as 10M or higher. Potentized HIV, or the Blood from active AIDS patients, would therefore be considered a Sarcodes, and would be a valuable asset in obtaining immediate relief from the active disease processes, in conjunction with the use of the proper potency of the Nosodes and Organotherupy, and the properly chosen Homeopathic remedies that match the symptoms.

I also lean heavily on the Nutritional side of the picture. I have helped more people with Scurvy and Pellagra in my lifetime that I can't even count them all. Scurvy is a Vitamin C deficiency and Pellagra is a Vitamin B deficiency. Both are diseases of the Dark Ages.

Now what does that tell you about modern plastic foods and environment?

And, importantly, I love enzymal therapy. Enzymes are the actual life builders of the body. You are born with only so many, and they are rapidly used up when a person is poisoned or ill. replacement therapy for them is essential.

And finally, good, clean, DISTILLED water, lots of fresh air, and eliminating the use of ALL poisons in the household, recreational drugs, alcohol, and passive exposure to same.

If you want to LIVE and want Homeopathics to help you do that, you have to go at it as aggressively as I will from my end.

I attack the condition from all directions, giving immediate relief, and also searching out the reason for the weakness that allowed these disease processes to become so rooted in the individual that the individual could expire from it all. Then, as the Acuteness of the condition is alleviated, and evolves into a picture of Chronicity, I then would attack the processes on that level, but here, we are talking about long term care, a matter of two years or so to rebuild from nothing a deficient immune system.

This would require close contact, monthly re-checks, new symptom litanies, and frequent changes of remedies, basically chasing symptoms until relief is obtained, once and for all.

An overnight "cure" is not what I am offering you. I cannot "cure" any disease. What I CAN do, is to find out WHY you are ill, and eliminate the cause. I can also eliminate the RESULT of an exposure related illness. The Symptoms tell the story.

As the Literature explained, I , myself, was heavily exposed to long term low level Carbon Monoxide. My MD thought I had the flu, and prescribed ever increasing doses of high powered antibiotics, which effectively destroyed my liver. After several months of this, with the Carbon Monoxide still undetected, my Doctor told me to pack it all up and get my affairs in order. He gave me a death Sentence, such as yours, but much worse.

I can no longer take ANYTHING which is excreted through the Liver, no antibiotics, no anti-inflammatory, no antihistamines, no drugs of any kind.

I could not walk. I had to crawl to the bathroom, and blood was pouring from every orifice I owned.

I could no longer go into the light, because it was found that I had a condition called Variegate Porphyria, and also Porphyria Cutanea Tarda, and was told that I was permanently disabled, and could never work again.

That, and a check for $149 a month and a pat on the back, and I was on my way. There WAS NO TREATMENT for my condition. There WAS NO medicines I could take to ease my excruciating pain....BUT, there WAS Homeopathy.

Homeopathy does not act in the same way as the poisonous substances prescribed by Alleopaths. So, since it was NOT a poison excreted by the liver, and only stood to BUILD my system, instead of break it down, and since I had been using Homeopathics since I was 13 years old, I told my Physician....NOT!

I then set out to learn all there was to learn about Homeopathics that I already didn't know, and I had to do it FAST because I was dying. I awakened at 5 AM, sat without moving at my computer, and only got up to go to the bathroom or eat. I got off the computer at about 2:00AM, then I did it again, doing heavy research on myself to see what would save me, because frankly, I did NOT want to DIE.

And, I decided that if I made myself better, then, I would help others with Homeopathy. I want to make as many Brownie Points as possible before I go! I know what it is to prove a remedy, because I made mistakes at first.

I know what it is to antidote a remedy also. And, I know the sweet peace of getting the correct remedy, and the feeling of Blessed Health.

Again, to completely rebuild a non-existing immune system will take some time.

Mental Symptoms, such as Depression, sadness, fear, anxiety, are also Rubrics, and important ones. Disease attacks on all levels.

For example, if I was given a set of symptoms that include the following: Suspicious, and mistrustful, Cat allergy, Milk intolerance, fears bugs, mice, blames others, is passive-aggressive, has cysts, sweat has a musty odor, dandruff, fungus, ringworm, rash, night sweats, worries constantly about money, has arteriosclerosis, psoriasis, and so many more, these would point to the remedy Calcarea Silicata.

Scurvy has its own set of Rubrics, as does Pellagra, a mineral imbalance does too. Someone with Arteriosclerosis cannot possibly have Osteoporosis, at the same time because one is a calcium deficiency and the other is a calcium UPTAKE imbalance, pointing to a hypoactive Parathyroid.

The glands rule our world, and the hormones they produce are the fountains of Youth. If one gland or organ is down, you better believe that that organ effects all the others. For example, if the Thyroid is hypoactive, that is, it is under functioning, then its sister organ, the Parathyroid is Hyper active, and vice versa, this effects Calcium and Magnesium, and your metabolism.

If you need potassium or Lithium, your kidney function is impaired.

There are so many things to consider when rebuilding the system, so it takes a LONG time.

The most important thing to start with is "THE DECISION".

The first thing I had to decide when I got that Death Sentence was: Do I REALLY want to Live or do I want to DIE?

This is the first question YOU have to answer for yourselves.

And it IS an actual decision.

Live...or Die.

No, I don't CARE what your Doctor TOLD you. YOU make that decision. YOU, NOT YOUR DOCTOR.

The will to live is first in survival, and in survival, you have to have a REASON for the decision.

Forget your depression, forget your illness, forget all of that. Think.... if you were Healthy, WHAT WOULD YOU DO ?


If YOUR answer is to live, and you want the help of Homeopathy, then I am here for you all, and will join with you in your battle back to Health.

To me, life is a movie. I am the director, the stage manager, the actor. If I do not like the movie I am in, I can always step out the back curtain and CHANGE the script.

If you are in a stressful relationship, GET OUT!

If you are in a stressful job, QUIT!

If you are constantly bickering and fighting with your life partner, LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!

If your relationship is abusive, the other person, the abuser, is giving you a loud and clear message that YOU ARE NOT THE ONE, no matter what he says otherwise.

NO ONE has the right to abuse another. NO ONE, EVER!

What does all of this have to do with Homeopathy and Immune Disorders? All of this DESTROYS the immune system, HIV, AIDS or no.

You have heard the cliché Oh, he's cutting her down. Correct! He, by his abuse, is effectively cutting down or destroying her immune system, maybe even permanently.

So, to close, my methodology, is to help on all levels, mind, body, spirit, nutrition, and Homeopathy, in an immune system disorder.

Thank you for visiting with me!
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