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Cl998 Dr. Alva Irish
Each time I meet people for the first time, and I tell them I am a Homeopath, invariably, they ask," What is a Homeopath?".

That is an excellent question, but one that is not as easy to answer as it would seem. The best way, I feel, will be to compare Homeopathy to Allopathy. A Homeopath is one that uses a method of healing that dates from the 1700's. Homeopathy arose at the same time as Allopathy, (what MD's are). Homeopaths use the designation, DHM, Allopaths use MD.

An Allopath treats a condition by using poisons, and cutting the affected part away...treating from the OUTSIDE IN.

A Homeopath researches the CAUSE of a condition or imbalance, and eliminates, using the correctly and carefully chosen remedy or remedies, which act as computer chips, putting things out of balance back into place.

he end result is that the diseased condition, or unwanted growth usually disappears because it was the RESULT of an imbalance, NOT the CAUSE, treating from the INSIDE OUT.

An Allopath can cut and chop all day, but if the reason for the disease is not eliminated, THE CONDITION INVARIABLY COMES BACK.

In Homeopathic Research, exhausting questioning takes place in order to find the REASON, the first CAUSE behind the CAUSE of the illness or imbalance presenting itself at a later date.

Even in inherited disease, some even of poisoning or injury is always found, even going back generations as the cause of a condition.

Conditions or imbalances can keep going on a molecular level through generations. I will use my Sister Linda as an example. Raised in Texas by her stepfather, she regularly played behind the Shell Oil trucks that drove by liberally spraying the roads with DDT to eliminate mosquitoes.

Linda Lee grew up a Beautiful Valedictorian at Rice University, married a fellow student, and had a gorgeous son named George Alexander. George also became a Valedictorian at Rice University, a track star, etc. He was beautiful with golden tanned skin, brilliant green eyes (and I will tell you about green eyes in a minute) and platinum hair. The DDT skipped Linda and went into her son, George.

So.....George was struck down with Leukemia.
He lingered for a year before he died a terrible and painful death.
I attribute his untimely death at age 28 to the DDT.
His Mother decided NOT to use Homeopathy because she was a Traditionalist, and refused to use any treatment but Allopathy. Too bad.

Homeopathy heals using the premise of "Like Cures Like".

I have been hearing about the "flesh eating bacteria" and parasites that refuse to die, etc. Allopaths give terrible poisons to those suffering from conditions such as these stacking even more the cards against survival to an already obviously poisoned system. And THEY AREN'T WORKING!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love to work with Allopaths, they can do tests and find information that I cannot possibly do, so when I see a client, I like for them to work with their chosen MD, and let THEM make the decision to take their patient off their poisons when the condition that made them prescribe those medications in the first place disappear.

A Homeopath cannot physically remove a growth, we work INTERNALLY removing the REASON why the growth is there, and why it grew in just that particular spot in the first place.

A Homeopath cannot set a broken limb, but we can find and eliminate the reason why the bone was weak enough to break in the first place, alleviate the pain and bruising, and speed the healing processes of the bone fracture point.

A Homeopath can alleviate the nausea from Chemotherapy.

A Homeopath can eliminate the symptoms of incurable diseases or conditions BECAUSE we do not look upon those condition at all, we look at the symptoms only, and eliminate them. Homeopathy can eradicate parasites that are untreatable, because Parasites are OPPORTUNISTS whose food is accumulated POISONS, inherited or ingested.

The Parasites themselves, as the author, Hulda Clark so aptly puts it, also actually create poisons in their feces, which have been proven to be Cancer causing. Hulda, unfortunately, has decided to tell you how to "kill" those parasites using...again... more poisons, albeit Herbal, but poisons just the same, such as Wormwood. Not a good thing.

If you see a dead and bloated animal on the side of the road which is infested with maggots, do you blame the maggots for the death of the animal?
No, you know that a car probably killed the animal, and that the maggots are OPPORTUNISTS feeding upon the WEAKENED system. Right?

If presented with a maggot ridden body, cause of death unknown, or even if it were still alive, would you think that the maggots were the cause of the condition? NO.

So, therefore, are bacteria, conditions, growths, germs, and parasites all OPPORTUNISTS feeding upon poisons.
Blood and liver flukes, and fungi appear in a system saturated with poisons. They do not exist in a healthy body, period.


Homeopathic remedies are made by the following processes: a substance is pulverized into a mass in a mortar. The mass is then dissolved into alcohol or other liquid which is the correct dilutive agent for that particular substance. The mixture is left for a proscribed amount of time. The transparent or translucent liquid is then drawn off into another clean vessel. That result is called a "Mother Tincture". One drop of the Mother Tincture is put into a bottle of clean water or alcohol, and sucussed, or rapped against a hard surface 100 times. Of that mixture, one drop is taken, the rest put away, and the drop is put into a new, clean vessel of liquid, and sucussed again. To reach a 1X potency, the remedy has to be sucussed many times.

Of the final potentized liquid, a certain amount is drawn off and dropped into a vessel containing small pellets the size of a BB made from lactose, or tablets that look like saccharine tablets, or onto small tablets similiar in looks to aspirin tablets.

This "charges" the pellets, tablets, etc., with the remedy, and makes it easier to administer.

One dose of a remedy can be obtained in the following manner: You may take one pellet, you can touch the remedy, you can breathe the remedy, you could even eat a whole bottle of the pellets at one time. That also would be one dose.

All of the above would have the same action.

It is the REPETITION of a remedy dose that rules the STRENGTH of its action.

Thus, even tho the lower potencies are broader in action, than the higher potencies, if a lower potency of a remedy is taken many times per day, the combined repetitions may be stronger in action than one dose of a Higher potency.

The lower potencies or titrations, 1X, 3X, 30X, and so on, have actions against conditions similiar to using a shotgun to hit a target. Some particles will hit a bulls eye, and in case there are other attenuating circumstances that may need treatment, this broader spectrum of the lower potencies will often be of more value.

The higher potencies, such as 1M, 10M, CM, LM, etc., are much more potent, even though they have a higher dilution of the actual original substance. These potencies have been diluted and sucussed many, many times. They are used like a high powered rifle. They do not bother with other conditions, but are very specific in their actions.

If any potency of a remedy, whether high or low, Misses, or is the wrong remedy, they will either "prove", or they will do nothing at all. If it is the correct remedy for the condition, it will completely alleviate the condition on a PERMANENT basis.

Each organ, nerve, muscle, bone has been mapped out by Samuel Hahneman, the father of Homeopathy, and matched with the actions of remedies which, when "proven" or ingested until action is obtained, produce those same conditions or symptoms. Like cures like.

Therefore, if someone comes to me with an infestation of Cryptosporidosis, then I would find the imbalance that caused that parasite to flourish, suggest the proper choice of remedies that would effectively eliminate that imbalance, and also, I would suggest the parasite itself as a remedy. It COULD NOT survive itself. If, like Hulda Clark, I simply eliminated the parasite, the poisons that brought them in the first place would still be there, and the poisons created by themselves would still be there, therefore, I would be doing, in effect, nothing.

The Goal of Homeopathy is to create balance out of imbalance, Health where there is none, Ease where there is Dis-ease.

I have developed my own methodology using Homeopathy in conjunction with Nutrition to alleviate dis-ease.

Homeopathic medicines are like little miracles, but, if there is no Nutritional base, then I could pour all of the Homeopathic pellets down your throats all day long and get a wonderful reaction and apparent disappearance of the condition.

AND...IT WOULD COME BACK...if the client did not also obtain on a regular basis the proper Nutrition, foods, and Vitamins, such as Immunocal, and Life Solubles, for example, to keep their body in balance, once Homeopathy has done its wonderful work.

So, in conjunction with Homeopathy, I take a sample of my client's Hair, to see what nutrients he or she is deficient in, and also, I take a Polaroid photograph to study facial shape, coloration, and markings. I also do an interview of the client's symptoms, which are called "RUBRICS" in Homeopathy, I then take all three of the results, and do Homeopathic Research using my Computer, and come up with the Nutritiments/ remedy suggestions that will alleviate the Client's particular problem.

Just because a group of people have a certain disease or condition, doesn't mean that they all will need the SAME REMEDIES. Homeopathy works on an INDIVIDUAL basis. Each person has a DIFFERENT reason why his or her body went out of whack, as I stated before, even generations ago.

So, EACH person has to be studied on an individual basis, and the proper remedies suggested for THAT single individual.

It IS time consuming, but well worth it.

If a client decides, at one point, to take Homeopathics or even Herbs, which are the "mother tincture" of some Homeopathic remedies, purchased over-the-counter, on his or her own, then, if the client is under the care of a Homeopath, they run the risk of antidoting all of the work that the Homeopath has done to bring about Health.

Remember, earlier, I said, Homeopathy heals using the premise of LIKE CURES LIKE.

That means that the remedy chosen, CAUSES the same symptoms in an individual that has the matched symptoms, and when the two meet, they cancel each other out.

If a person DOES NOT have those symptoms, the Homeopathic remedy will "PROVE" or CAUSE those symptoms in a healthy individual. That is what the word "Proving" means in Homeopathy. In test situations, Healthy individuals took each and every remedy available, and annotated exactly what each remedy did, in a scientific manner. Exhausting tests were done on each and every remedy.

Then, each prover was tested with an ANTIDOTAL remedy that STOPPED the action of the proven remedy, canceling its actions. That information, too, was carefully recorded.

Therefore, since most people DO NOT have the education in Homeopathy to treat themselves, I will repeat myself.

There are literally thousands of Homeopathic remedies, and some have only subtle differences in their actions. The wrong ones will prove, the right ones will cure or alleviate.

You must be very careful to read each label when under the care of a Homeopath, of every supplement you purchase over-the-counter, because most manufacturers put Homeopathic remedies in their products, even vitamins, to make them sell better, and DO NOT TAKE those which contain Homeopathic remedies because they may not be the ones that are for your condition.

Homeopathy is incorrectly equated with "All natural", etc. Homeopathics ARE all natural, BUT, they also have specific actions which are geared to EACH AND EVERY individual. on a one-on-one basis.

ALL you have to remember is that HOMEPATHICS WORK!

A little more information:

In these days of horrific Health practices in the Grocery Stores and restaurants, poisons are fed to us daily, and drugs, of which ALL are poisons, are ingested recreationally! E-coli is rampant, which evolves in the gut, depending upon whether the body is acid or base, and what poisons are also present, into strep or staph, when then evolve into cancer, or tumors, pneumonia, and other disease, and finally fungus.

There are Homeopathic cures for E-coli, Salmonella poisoning, (which causes cervical cancer eventually), and other food poisoning factors. There are also Homeopathic remedies that will build up an immunity to E-coli exposure, and rebuild a ravaged Immune System.

Vaccinations such as DPT have been found to be the cause of Autism, and other serious diseases. For every Autistic individual which is severe enough to warrant treatment, there is the other 95% of the population that received that vaccination, which is Autistic in a very much smaller degree, creating a population of anti-social, dysfunctional individuals working and living day to day in an imbalanced haze. It is no surprise to me, knowing these facts, that we live in a such a Violent "Me Generation" society.

There are not many people in the United States that are truly Healthy.

Finally, I will leave you with this thought. Almost each and every thing in this world has been tested as a Homeopathic remedy. We go day to day eating and drinking indiscriminately, unknowingly producing symptoms in our bodies which are not our own, they are simply "provings" of the foods or substances which we have ingested or have been exposed to. That is why Pritikin's diets works so well, and the blood type diets also.

Here's an example;
The "proving" of bananas, yes, simple bananas, is a complete alleviation of Hemorrhoids. So, if you have hemorrhoids, and cannot reach a Homeopath, eat bananas!

So remember!

If you have a question about Health,
Ask a Homeopath!!!
See you in a little while. <smile>

Homeopathy Lecture Dr. Alva Irish Cl998
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