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Lac Lupinum Wolf Milk Proving
-- lac lupinum.
Is this a cure or a remodelling?
This rem produces not symptoms but rather a certain character.
Depends of definition of symptoms and character, of course.
The effect of lac lupinum seems to be an awakening, not so much a curing.
Like, what's to be cured? Quietness?
This effect seems to contradict those who argue that remedies don't have character or we're not affecting character.
Someone was saying, if I understood correctly, that character description is the flaw in Baily's book Homeopathic Psychology, for instance.
Frankly, lac lupinum is remedy I'd like to take just for fun.
Would it "cure" my relatively harmless and not diseased quiet-type persona?
Subject: WOLF MILK PROVING by Melissa Assilem
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 1997 20:38:14 0700
Shewolf s Milk September.. 21 1997
Melissa Assilem RS Hom FBIH
Copyright Melissa Assilem, 1997
All Rights Reserved

1. Perceptive
2. Vivaciouslively
3. Good communicator
4. Spontaneous
5. Hungry for life
6. Food issues
7. Heightened or finely tuned senses
8. Cannot tolerate being tamed
9. Need to own themselves
10. Long for the wild - yearn for nature
11. Feel world / society is the wrong shape for them
12. Find the world much too left brained
13. Emboldened feel self entitled
14. Awakened / reclaimed sexuality
15. Live in their bodies - body awareness
16. Desire for deep friendships/relationships
17. Playful
18. Ailments from abandonment
19. Need for movement, dance and exercise
20. Colors: red, black and white
21. Animals: cats, dogs, lionheaded body
22. Resurrection of The Wild Woman Archetype and the numinous place where spirit and matter meet.
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