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If you have a great many peple or animals that have the same prescription, you would need a LOT of doses to treat them all, which would be cost prohibitive. In this case, you make a DILUTION. (fluid remedy).

This is sort of like the miracle of the "fishes and loaves of bread" that Christ handed out on the Mount of Olives....they just kept reproducing themselves so that everyone was fed. We can do the same thing with a homeopathic remedy and here is how:

1. Get an 8 ounce bottle.
2. Fill it half full of a brandy (or alcohol, like vodka or everclear) and the other half, Distilled water.
3. Place 1 multi-dose pellet of your remedy into it.
4. Cap it. Let it sit 20 minutes. The pellet will dissolve.
5. Gently shake it a few times to mix it. Be sure to label it. Put the NAME of the REMEDY as well as the POTENCY on it, and the DATE you made it. Store in a cool place out of the sun; but it does not have to go into the refrigerator.
6. You can then take 16 - one ounce eye dropper bottles and put this liquid 1/2 full into each one. Fill each bottle the rest of the way with more brandy. If you are concerned about using all that alcohol, use water to further dilute the original dilution. Cap it. You can hand this out to families in your church or on your block; each family will have their own bottle.
7. A "dose" from a dilution would be FOUR DROPS BENEATH THE TONGUE.
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