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Morning sickness in Pregnancy - Homeopathic approach
Dear Friends,

I have been following through all of yours-- discussion regarding morning sickness during pregnancy. In pregnancy try not to use much medications either traditional or herbal. The best way is good nutrition, exercise, good rest & a healthy attitude. & adequate relaxation.

I have treated my patients with Homeopathy as well as I have given them supplements with Vitamin B6 & Nutritional guidance. It worked beautifully! All of my patients delivered healthy babies without any complications.

So I thought that I would like to share it with all of you.

In Homeopathy I have used the following remedies--- Sepia 30c, Nux vomica 30c and I asked them to take the Biochemical homeopathic tissue salt Natrum phosphorus 6X. Only once I had to use Ipec 30C, I followed with Sepia 30c in the AM & gave Nux Vomica 30c in the evening

The the vomiting of the pregnant women stopped, so I continued it for a week, then I supplemented it with Natrum Phos.6x - 4 tablets taken two times a day 15 minutes after eating lunch & dinner.

Also when they woke up early morning before getting out of bed they ate a piece of Toasted whole wheat bread without any butter or anything. It helped to reduce the acidity so they did not have that persistent nause or vomiting. Along with their Prenatal vitamins I added extra dose of Vitamin B6, Pyridoxine 50mg, once daily. Usual dose of Vitamin B6 is in males 1.3mg/day ( 19-50yrs) 1.7mg/day(51yrs& UP) In females 1.3mg/day(19-50yrs), 1.6mg/day(51yrs & up.)

Maintainence dose could be from 10mg to 100mg /day & not more.

Major sources of vitamin B6 can be found in -- Pork, Brewer;s yeast, eggs, chicken, carrots, fish, liver, kidney, peas, wheat germs, walnuts, sunflowers seeds, spinach, black strap molasses, broccolli, brown rice, rice bran, cabbage, corn, plantain, bananas, potatoes, alfa alfa sprouts, lentil sprouts, catnip, & oat straw, and all kinds of beans.

All the vegetables are mostlty eaten fresh or slightly blanched, because B6 is easily destroyed by cooking, heat, sunlight exposures.

One has to be careful in asking if the patients is on certain medications like Steroids, because they tend to reduce the absorption of Vitamin B6

Be careful if it is taken in megadoses it can lead to toxic & serious affects--- Like Sensory ataxia-- lower limbs become numb & have sensory deficient. In position & vibration.

Sense of touch & temperatures are not affected so much. Motor & central nervous sytem are not affected. Recovery is very slow. One should totally stop the person from taking B6 completely.

It is indicated in many other diseases;
Carpal tunnel syndrome, PMS, weak memory, Nausea & vomiting during pregnacy, acne, cracks in the corners of mouth & lips area, depressions, arthritis, Fatigue, asthma, learning disorders, like ADHD, improves the immune system, eating disorders like anorexia & bulimia, allergies especially allergic rhinitis, hay fever type, alcoholism, & Aging.

I just want to say if giving any type of medications whether they are vitamins or any other medicines please bear in mind the side affects. The side affects can cause more harm than we all know.

I am speaking with experience. I have been a victim of side affects from medicine toxicity.

The best way to treat any of your patients is by taking a very good history. You will get most of your answers from it.
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