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Obesity Cause and Cure
(information from the FDA)

by Dr. Alva Irish



Since I have Porphyria, I can never go out in the sun, so I do have a real Vitamin D deficiency.

Those of you that are computer buffs or that work in an office all day are in the same boat as I am.

Well, I have been doing some research and here is what I have found: A person needs 2,000 ius of D a DAY!

The reason for Obesity and the way to cure it!

However there is a trick to this.
You never take D without Calcium, at least 1500 mgs a day is normal for an adult.
You never take calcium without Magnesium.
You never take Magnesium without Zinc.
YOu never take any of this without C, at least 2,000 mgs a day of ESTER C.

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Vitamin D 2000 ius
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Ester-C 1000 buy one get one 1/2 off

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