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Cl996 Alva Irish, PhD, DN, DHM, DD, FBIH
We all plant parsnips in our gardens, don't we? Delicious steamed, then glazed in the pan with butter and honey, or steamed, pureed, a couple of eggs, and cream, salt, pepper, butter and a little honey added, then baked until brown around the edges, Mmmm.,


Did you know that SECOND YEAR Parsnip roots are deadly POISONOUS?

To quote from Clarke's Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica : "The root of the common garden Parsnip, (Pastinaca Sativa), after the first year, is very poisonous, and many cases of poisoning have been observed, the symptoms of which make up the Schema. A state of perfect "Delirium Tremens" was observed in several persons: Illusions of vision, catching at imaginary objects, fighting with one another. A peculiar effect was produced upon the stomach: irritability is completely depressed, and so emetics do not act. (a concentrated aqueous solution of Sulphate of Zinc can be given, resulting in convalescence in a few days).

Some parsnips were overlooked in the harvest last year, and some, where seeds had blown out into one goat pasture which contained one dry doe..

She partook of the leaves which sprouted, and the tops of the roots in the ground, no doubt relishing the sweetness.

Immediately, she became very belligerent to us when we fed, and when put out into the clean pasture with the other dry does, behaved in a manner which was aggressive to the extreme, running at the others, butting them continuously until her head was bloody, holding them all at bay away from the feed and water bunks. Finding and standing on the highest compost pile in the field, and daring anyone to approach. She also became wall-eyed.

These symptoms were observed for a period of two weeks, when they gradually began to subside, much to the relief of the other does. Should she have eaten more, I am certain she would have expired.

First year Parsnips, eaten regularly have been medically proven to eliminate crustaceous deposits in the lining of the arteries, veins and heart.

The second year root, however, made into a tincture and used Homeopathically, or the tincture titrated into pellets (6X potency) does the same thing, more effectively and quickly, even tho the selfsame second year root when ingested, is, most definately, poisonous!

A tincture is made in the following manner:
The cleaned second year root, cut into pieces, is put into a blender reserved for that express purpose, along with a pint of grain alcohol or Korbel's Brandy, and blended thoroughly.
The resultant liquid pap is strained through linen into a glass brown bottle and kept in a dark place for 5-7 days. The solids will, at that time settle to the bottom, and the resultant translucent liquid on the top is decanted off into its final bottle.
Because of its poisonous nature, make certain all utensils are cleaned several times before using again.
Note: even the handling of the second year plant, or its wild relative will cause reaction.
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