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A Question about Black Plague and Smallpox
by Alva Irish, DHM
Dr. Irish, What about Black Plague and Small Pox?
thanks, Mary Ann"

OK, Thuja 30C would be one remedy to give during the onset of Smallpox, Benninghausen states that is is used for rapid dissolution of scarring.
One dose every hour for 3 doses.
NOT a preventative!
Kantikari, or Solanum xanthocarpum (white variety) is used as a tincture of the root in India by the Hindu as a successful preventative of Smallpox, 2X or 3X or a direct tincture, to be taken inthe morning on an empty stomach, one dose.
Mercurius corrosivus in cases where the smallpox has entered the throat and is preventing swallowing, with threatened suffocation, a pilule dissolved in water, 30C to be used as a gargle, until releived.
Variolinum as the Smallpox Nosode. 6C or 12C taken in this way as a Homeopathic vaccination: One dose taken 3 times a day for 4 days. Burned in campfires nearby an infestation, Sulphur prevents Smallpox, TB and Cholera. For Black Plague:
Lachesis trigonocephalus (NOT Lacheses mutans!) in a 30C potency, taken every hour in the case of the actual illness, (no longer than 1/2 a day) until a change is noted, then other remedies to fit the symptoms that arise in addition.
For Bubonic Plague, Lachesis mutans is the remedy, 200C one dose every hour for 3 doses, then other remedies as fits the other symptoms.
NOT a preventative! This is a treatment if the disease is present. Arsenicum album 30C as needed for symptoms of Cholera, Plague and Yellow Fever. If Nosodes for any of the above diseases are available, then as a preveantitive, the same instructions for variolinum would apply as a Homeopathic vaccination. In all cases, Thymus support shoud be taken as discussed below.

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Subject: Re: Thymus Gland Glandular (Homeopathic form)

I have been in contact with people from all over the country lately.
All of them are reporting some kind of sore throat or sinus infection, and green stools, which happened to start after the WTC attack. This tells me that the thymus gland is being affected by something. The Thymus rules the body's metabolism of Calcium and Phosphorous. Without it, the body quickly becomes poisoned with a Calcium build up in the arteries, slowing blood flow, and poisoned from too much Phosphorous. It also causes Mysesthenia gravis type of symptoms, and can easily go into pneumonia from there.

I recommend that everyone should take one drop of liquid Thymus support daily.

Thymus support is a Homeopathic remedy.
The only ingredient should be Thymus 8X.
This whatever bug that is going around is attacking the Thymus.
Very important to boost that gland daily, now.
One drop a day will do it, so the bottle should last you a year or more. Also, please take 1 teaspoon of the C-salts daily. again the cheapest source of this is 1-800-325-2664. It is buffered C, better than Esther C.
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