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Trauma Release Formulae
For the trauma of War, death, rape, loss, shock, etc., etc.

Here is my prescription:
Make up a bottle with water and a little bit of Vodka or Whiskey as a preservative. Then put into it 5 pills of EACH ONE of the following:

Nat Mur 30C
Staphysagria 30C
Opiuminun 30C
Aconite 30C
Ignatia 30C

Shake it well and you can take droppers of this one sipping throughout the day. This is the TRAUMA RELEASE formula.
Then, you will make the following for yourself for the ACCIDENT trauma:
Arnica 200C
ypericum 200C
either in pills or in liquid, but TOGETHER. Take ONE SINGLE DOSE of this one at the earliest possible, and continue with the above bottle droppering through the day.

The next day, while you continue droppering with the combination bottle, you will take ONE DOSE of:
Arnica 1M
Hypericum 1M together.

You continue droppering with the bottle combo, and the third day you take ONE DOSE of:
Arnica 10M
Hypericum 10M
and continue droppering.

You need to contact me for follow up.
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