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Oral Vaccination
Oral vaccination gives a more solid immunity than an injected one, inasmuch as it incorporated the entire defense system, which is mobilized as soon as the vaccine is taken into the mouth and builds up protection with each further dose. This procedure is equivalent to what is known as "street infection" viz. ingestion of virus, etc., during daily contact with other animals, when immunity would be built up in the same way. This does not interfere with the presence of any maternal antibodies."

MAKING THE MOST OF THE REMEDY ONCE YOU GET IT If you have a chemical or biological terrorist attack where you live, a lot of people are going to need these remedies. So you make a DILUTION (fluid remedy). This is sort of like the miracle of the "fishes and loaves of bread" that Christ handed out on the Mount of Olives....they just kept reproducing themselves so that everyone was fed.

We can do the same thing with a homeopathic nosode and here is how:
1. Get an 8 ounce bottle.
2. Fill it half full of a brandy (or alcohol, like vodka or everclear) and the other half, Distilled water.
3. Place 1 multi-dose pellet of your remedy into it.
4. Cap it. Let it sit 20 minutes. The pellet will dissolve.
5. Gently shake it a few times to mix it. Be sure to label it. Put the NAME of the REMEDY as well as the POTENCY on it, and the DATE you made it. Store in a cool place out of the sun; but it does not have to go into the refrigerator.
6. You can then take 16 - one ounce eye dropper bottles and put this liquid 1/2 full into each one. Fill each bottle the rest of the way with more brandy. Cap it. You can hand this out to families in your church or on your block; each family will have their own bottle.
7. A "dose" from a dilution would be FOUR DROPS BENEATH THE TONGUE.
8. To give yourself a Homeopathic vaccination: Take a single dose night and morning for 3 days followed by one per week for 4 weeks and continuing thereafter for a monthly dose for 6 months."

Variolinum. From Clarke's Materia Medica Variolinum. Nosode of Small-pox. Titration of matter from small-pox vesicle.

Clinical.-Asthma. Backache. Chill. Fever. Headache; occipital. Herpes zoster. Neuralgia. Small-pox. Testicle, swelling of.

Characteristics.-The cardinal symptoms of small-pox are the keynote symptoms for the use of Variolinum. The backache of small-pox is about the worst backache known, and Var. has cured in my practice a number of bad backaches that nothing else seemed to touch. Var. was Burnett's chief remedy in shingles; it generally, as he expressed it, wiped out the disease, eruption and pain as well. It will also cure neuralgia left by herpes. Var. has aborted many cases of small-pox, and has proved an efficient preventive against small-pox contagion and vaccinal infection. G. M. H. (H. W., xxxii. 546) records this experience: Var. 6 (three pilules) was given to the mother and children of a family, one of whose members was taken with small-pox and removed to an isolation hospital, with his mother to nurse him. The patient (who did not receive Var.) was dangerously ill for a month. Neither the mother who nursed him nor any of the other children took small-pox. Vaccine was sent by the Government and all the family were vaccinated, but it did not take with any of those who had taken Var., although the vaccination was repeated. Moreover, G. M. H. himself, who had taken a dose of Var., submitted to vaccination, but "although four thorough inoculations were given, they healed up immediately, and did not even itch or smart.".-These are cardinal indications for Var.: Severe cold; chill; chilly creepings as if cold water were trickling down the back; violent fever with extremely hot skin, with or without high pulse. Violent headache. Nausea. Pain in epigastria. Pain in limbs as if in bones. Severe backache. There may be rash or there may not. Here is a case of Swan's, who is a pioneer with nosodes (H. W., xviii. 205): Miss H., 21, healthy, hearty; complained of the following symptoms: Confusion of head as if going crazy, with a sensation as if it was all in the back of the head and running down spine, followed by intense, heavy, hot headache in back of head and neck and region of medulla; sensation as if head weighed a hundredweight, with a tendency of it to fall backwards; deathly nausea in throat-pit during headache. During headache hands and feet icy cold, particularly the hands; tongue coated yellow in morning, with bad, disgusting taste in mouth; no appetite; knees feel weak as if they would give way, especially on going down stairs; pains in thighs and hips; severe aching, burning pain in small of back; skin hot and dry; pulse not feverish. Var. cm (Swan), in water, cured in six hours, the confusion of the head ceased after the pain did. A school of two hundred children was "internally variolated" with Var. cmm (Swan) on the evening of February 18th and the morning of February 19th. Of two schoolmistresses one was not at all affected; the other was two days in bed ill. On 21st many of the children were ill; by the 23rd all except forty were, the symptoms being the usual preliminary symptoms of small-pox, and later Swan found pustules on many. After the varioloid had passed off, but before the patients had recovered their vitality, twenty-three children were vaccinated without Swan's knowledge. All but one took and had terrible ulcers on the arms, and had to be remedied by Vacc. (cmm, Swan). Sensations of Var. are: As if a band tightly encircled head. Crazy feeling through brain. As if throat were closed. As of a lump in right side of throat. Like streams of ice-water running down back. Pain as if back were broken. The symptoms are - By motion.

VARIOLINUM from Boericke's Materia Medica
 Lymph from Small-pox Pustule

Used for "internal vaccination." Seems to be efficacious in protecting against, modifying and aiding in the cure of smallpox.

Head.--Morbid fear of small-pox. Deafness. Pain in occiput. Inflamed eyelids.
Respiratory.--Oppressed breathing. Throat feels closed. Cough with thick viscid, bloody mucus. Feeling of a lump in right side of throat.
Relationship.--Excruciating backache. Aching in legs. Tired all over with restlessness. Wrists pain. Pains shift from back to abdomen.
Fever.--Hot fever, with intense radiating heat. Profuse, bad-smelling sweat.
Skin.--Hot, dry. Eruption of pustules. Shingles.

Variolinum. From Keynotes by H.C. Allen Pus from smallpox pustule. (A Nosode.)

Bears the same relation to smallpox that Antitoxin does to diphtheria. An extended clinical record by competent and reliable observers attest its curative value in variola - simple, confluent and malignant - as well as in varioloid and varicella. It has done splendid work in all potencies, from the 6th cent. to the c. m. As a preventive of, or protection against, smallpox, it is far superior to crude vaccination and absolutely safe from the sequelae, especially septic and tubercular infection.
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