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A Proving of Thiosinamine

This proving is dedicated to all of those who are healing old wounds of the past

Please send cases, information or enquiries to:

The North West College of Homoeopathy, 23 Wilbraham Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6FG ENGLAND Tel and Fax +44 (0)161 257 2445 e-mail

Thiosinamine is a chemical derivative from volatile mustard oil, Black mustard (Sinapis nigra) being the source. The dried black ripe seeds are distilled to produce volatile mustard oil, but the oil can also be produced synthetically from the interaction of allyl iodide and potassium thiocyanate, the oil contains not less than 92 % allyl isothiocyanate. The oil is colorless or slightly yellow in color and with a very pungent irritating odour. By adding excess alcohol and ammonia to volatile mustard oil, the odor disappears gradually in cold and more quickly on heating, while crystals of thiosinamine are formed.

2. Mustard

To understand a little more about Thiosinamine it helps to also know something about the original source from which it was derived, mustard.

The word mustardt' comes from the Latin must (much) and ardens (burning). It is believed that mustard was first cultivated in India around 3000BC and came to Britain with the Romans. Mustard was first used for medicinal purposes.

A one-acre field of mustard produces 1 tonne of seed, which produces 880kg of mustard flour. This produces 4760kg of wet mustard, which produces 47600 jars of mustard. It was not until the 18th century that mustard seeds were used more widely as a condiment - and, even then, diners had to crush the seeds on their own plates before mixing them with vinegar and water to suit their taste.

3. Folk Medicine - Mustard

The seed or its oil is taken both internally or externally, for cancers, growths of the abdomen, spleen, stomach, throat, uterus or wrist indurations. Medicinally, seeds are considered diaphoretic, diuretic, emetic, expectorant, irritant, and stimulant, and are used in poultices for acute local pain, pneumonia, bronchitis, and other diseases of the respiratory organs. The volatile oil is a powerful irritant, rubefacient, and vesicant, used for rheumatic pains and colic. In 1699 John Evelyns Acetaria says of the seedlings of incomparable effect to quicken and revive the spirits, strengthening the memory expelling heaviness besides being an approved antiscorbutic. As a counterirritant, the seeds ground and mixed with vinegar are recommended for rheumatism, yet used internally for digestive disorders. Mustard seed tea has been prescribed as a gargle for sore throat, and it is said to relieve bronchitis and rheumatism (Grieve, 1931). The plant is thought to have emollient and sedative, even narcotic properties (Watt and Breyer-Brandwijk, 1962).

4. Chemistry of Mustard

White Mustard contains an enzyme myrosin and a glucoside sinalbin, which yields upon hydrolysis, acrinyl isothiocynate, a pungent tasting but almost odourless oil. Sinalbin mustard oil is only slightly volatile with steam, and causes blisters on the skin. Seeds contain 7.2% moisture, 27.6% protein, 29.7% crude fat, 20.8% N-free extract, 10.3% fibre, and 4.5% ash (C.S.I.R. 1948-1976). Asian analyses suggest that the seed contains per 100g: 469 calories, 5.0% moisture, 26.4% protein, 36.3% fat, 28.2% total carbohydrate, 5.2% fibre, 4.1% ash, 410 mg Calcium, 613 mg Phosphorus, 20.9 mg Iron, 630 mg beta carotene equivalent, 0.40 mg thiamine, 0.31 mg riboflavin, 7.3 mg niacin, and 0 ascorbic acid.

5. Toxicity of Mustard.

Seeds have a cathartic acid due to liberation of Hydrogen sulphide on contact with water. Large doses may produce sulphide poisoning, with cyanosis, etc. Troxler (1981) reports fatalities in 19 of 48 heifers fed white mustard.

6. The proving remedy Thiosinamine.

A rare snake venom was chosen but became unavailable, which set back the proving by 6 months (being a typical theme in Thiosinamine - so even before the remedy was formally chosen it was exhibiting its effects).

I chose Thiosinamine because although it already exists in materia medica, the information is restricted to adhesions4 and healing of old scar tissue. The scar tissue theme was interesting and I wondered if the remedy could do similar things on the mental and emotional level.

7. Proving Methodology.

The proving was conducted mainly following the recommendations of Jeremy Sherr.5 The provers had their case taken one month before the start of the proving so that any symptoms they had before the proving could be eliminated. If however the nature of the symptom had changed this would be noted as a part of the proving, so, for instance any previous symptoms intensified, or return of old symptoms would be noted, as would any existing symptoms which were cured during the proving. Apart from the above exceptions any symptoms recorded would be new symptoms.

Several meetings were organized and finally provers and supervisors were organized into pairs. The remedy was prepared at Helios pharmacy, and the remedies were provided in coded bottles so that no one, myself included, except the pharmacy knew what each prover received until the end of the proving. Provers took the Thiosinamine between the middle and end of January 1998.

Provers and supervisors would initially keep contact daily by phone, and once a week in person, both prover and supervisor keeping diaries of the provers symptoms. Neither prover or supervisor was permitted to discuss the proving with others participating until the proving meeting at the end of the proving where all the symptoms would be collated.

The proving was conducted with a wide range of potencies between 6 and 1M. The reasoning being that I wanted to get a wide range of the effects of the remedy and in particular its effect on the mental and emotional levels for which in the present materia medica there is little or no information.

The codes and potencies were as follows: 100-6c female, 105-Placebo female, 101-1M male, 107-1M male, 102-6c male, 108-30c female 103-200c female, 109-200c female 104-30c female, 110-1M female

Prover 105, the placebo, produced a lot of symptoms which also seem to fit with the overall remedy picture. This at first hand seems unusual, but may be explained in that those involved in the proving were students from the college.

Sankaren6 has talked about communal consciousness and the students were known to each other and used to meet at college monthly, so there was a communal experience in which the provers and supervisors were involved. It is possible in such a situation that despite the fact that 105 was given placebo, she may have developed symptoms of the proving by being part of the group and college community involved in the proving. All information on the placebo is included as anecdotal evidence rather than within the main proving.

In the provings conducted by Nuala Eising7 where the individuals do not know each other and hence there is no communal consciousness provers on placebo do not produce significant symptoms.

8. Nomenclature

The proving is written in the words of the provers. No attempt is made to change the language of the provers until the text of the provers is converted into repertory language.

The first section involves the experiences of the provers divided into the various sections of the repertory. The division of the body was used using the Complete Repertory format that has close similarities to Kents system. One of the main differences is that all food symptoms are in Generals section rather than stomach. So food desires and aversions are in Generals as well as food aggravations. The mind section has been further divided into Mind and Dreams, each of these sections having been subdivided into themes to make the reading of the proving easier.


After a provers symptoms, there are numbers in brackets. e.g. (104,f,30: 05:XX:XX).

The first number is the prover number, the letter denotes f-female or m- male, the next number is the remedy potency.

After the colon the first number is the day, followed by the hours and minutes, (usually depicted as XX). The exact hours and minutes are only noted on the first day (day 00). If the first dose of remedy is taken at 12 noon on January 5th, the time would be 00:00:00 and day 01 of the proving would start at noon of January 6th.


IOS : Intensified Old Symptom. - This a symptom experienced before the proving but which has become more intense since the proving started, and hence is likely to be significant.

ROS : Return Old Symptom. - When a patient experiences ROS during normal homoeopathic treatment it is considered a healing reaction of the treatment. So if a ROS occurs during the proving a special note is made of it.

8. The Proving Of Thiosinamine



The theme of waiting patiently already applies to the proving for me. Waiting for the proving to start, waiting for the time to be right, delays, but it is OK. (104,f 30: Before proving)

Waiting has suddenly come to the fore - I feel I've been waiting for something dramatic to happen with the proving, but it isn't, and I need to reconcile myself to the fact that it might not. I feel impatient. (104,f,30: 05:XX:XX)

2 patients haven't shown this morning, so I've had two hours wasted waiting for them with no time to get on with anything else. That's wasted time! (104,f,30: 05:XX:XX)

Waiting is a big part of my supervisors life at the moment - waiting for something that could go either way. Also world events the Clinton Affair - will he go or wont he? The UN in Iraq and the British / US threats - will they or won't they? (104,f,30: 08:XX:XX)


Feel thinner but know I'm not. (109,f, 200: 00:XX:XX)

Looked smaller, my features and general being. (110,f,1M: 08:XX:XX)

I feel taller. (110,f,1M : 23:XX:XX)


Things started to look unreal. Sensation as if not having enough sleep, dream like state. Like not got a firm grip on things. Like not in your body. (103, f, 200: 00:02:15)

(ROS) I dont feel quite in the world - culturally things have gone on around me, Ive missed things. (109,f,200: 00:XX:XX)

Very tired, wanting to lie down, and feeling of everything being unreal came over me. (103, f, 200: 00: O3: XX)

Relaxed / contented

Doesn't feel as anxious as of late. (103,f,200: 00:03:45)

Husband got annoyed at amount of pots to be washed. I was determined not to bother about this - I would normally get anxious about his anger - I was sarcastic, sarcastic and scornful and he laughed and came out of his anger. Felt high from this time as the time progresses. (103, f, 200: 00:04:25)

Feeling very happy and contented and grounded, and noticing others being more frazzled than usual. (104,f,30: 00:XX:XX)

Quite cheerful all day. (101, m, 1M: 01:XX:XX)

Daughter comments I look well. Feels optimistic. Better in company. (103, f,200: 01:XX: XX)

Calmer still and more relaxed. I didn't feel hyper before, but this has given me a different perspective. (107,m, 1M: 01:XX: XX)

Things feel gentle - the atmosphere in the house, family feels gentle, cheerful-at one. My partner even smiled first thing in the morning. (104,f, 30: 02:XX: XX)

Laid back. Feel it will all work out. (110,f, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

Calm - persistently. Stressful situations did not feel stressful it just flowed. (110,f, 1M: 03:XX: XX)

Felt calm all day except when really pushed by the kids, but didn't lose it even then. (104,f, 30: 04:XX: XX)

I feel fine - Feel very happy and contented. (110,f, 1M: 07:XX: XX)

Energy level still high, going with the flow. (110,f, 1M: 08:XX: XX)

Very relaxed and happy sailed through a stressful situation. Better for being by the sea. (110,f, 1M: 09:XX: XX)

Very happy to see a lot of friends - cheerful. (101, m. 1M: 19:XX: XX)

Got engaged Valentine's day - and we went to see the dogs at Bellevue and had a great time! Not romantic, but fun and a new experience. (104,f, 30: 24:XX: XX)

Feeling very calm (things change from day to day) and able to cope well with things happening out of the blue, such as unexpected visitors staying for tea. (104,f, 30: 27:XX: XX)

A friend said I looked radiant over the last 2 weeks! She said every time she sees me she notices more. (104,f, 30: 44:XX:XX)

Heightened Awareness

Heightened awareness, referring to colors, sounds and shapes, More in the now: things are defined and precise, pure and pristine, no encumbrances. I'm in the now just accepting it not thinking. Observing without overt reaction. I feel calm, fairly focused. Notice things more, not intellectually just instantly. Everything seems slow and defined wasn't thinking about what I should be doing. (107,m, 1M: 00:12:00)

My senses were strongly evoked while walking in the park - smells, sights, and noises. Everything seemed very crisp and nice, although it was grey and drizzling in reality. (104,f, 30: 01:XX: XX)

Sounds and shapes more vivid than colors. Noticing more movements in my peripheral vision. Seem to notice noises more clearly the sound seems to be amplified. (107,m, 1M: 01:XX: XX)

Had impression that other provers were a little wild-eyed and ###### perhaps explains the last few days. Feel ##### and sensual and detached. Remedy has heightened sensuality. Once again aware of amplification of sound. Whispers, coughs, laughs, as if they were personal and intimate - as if they involved me. Noticed other people looking at me but feels good. Felt more confident at college, more in control of situation, Aware of the harsh side of the remedy but also its potential for strength. If I can handle the immediacy of it, it can be used constructively. (107,m,1M: 21:XX: XX)

Woman got on tram, stands stark opposite. Thought she was sensual and symbolic. I felt I was controlling the situation and editing/scripting it. Realized the importance of perspective in interpretation - anything is possible. Sense of exhilaration. (107,m, 1M: 21:XX: XX)

Have developed an intense passion for someone I shouldn't have! It's a hugely deep physical and mental attraction and it feels all consuming and very distracting. I want to spend all my time fantasizing about meeting him, and to sleep in order to dream about him! It's about passion on the emotional level, not sexual. About a meeting of minds and hearts, and it feels so right, but at the same time it feels so wrong because of my commitment to my partner. All in all, a very sensitive issue, and I keep trying to push it away and hold on it being a part of the proving, but the stronger urge is holding onto it because it feels so exciting and new! (108,f, 30: 20:XX: XX)

Heaviness of thought combined with a lightness of sensation. Aware of every neuralgia pain and every little itch. A bit hypochondriacal. After seeing sister my own fears have been heightened. (1O7,m,1M: 24:XX:XX)

Colors, noises, sounds are vivid again. Sensual feel for the city, cold almost clinical observation of the chaos that could ensue. Mind lively, body sluggish. There is a debilitating quality to the remedy. (107,m, 1M: 26:XX: XX)


2 instances of synchronicity - I couldn't find the milk in its usual place in the corner shop and was told it hadn't arrived yet, and then on leaving the shop the milk float turned up. It felt as if one minute milk was completely lacking, and the next it was there in abundance! Later in the day I was very aware how much milk my daughter was drinking and expressed concern to her. (104,f, 30: 00: XX: XX)

Was thinking about how a patient Id spoken with yesterday she hadn't mentioned a symptom that's been bothering her a lot recently; then I walked into my work room to find she was leaving a message on the phone saying shed forgotten to mention the symptom and that she was still worried about it. So both of us had been thinking the same thing at the same time. (104,f, 30: 00: XX: XX)

I've been thinking about getting my hair cut professionally for the last two weeks and today a new patient who turned out to have been a very high class stylist and gave me some advice - although it wasn't asked for! It felt like wonderful timing - a spur in the right direction. (104,f, 30: 07:XX: XX)

2 pieces of synchronicity this morning: -

I'd been thinking about a case from three years ago (I haven't seen him for 12 months) with a view to discussing it with students, and this morning his mother rang to say he needed some more (of the remedy). (104,f, 30: 08:XX: XX)


Feel very clear headed and alert therefore a good sleep refreshed. No anxiety about seeing patients. (103, f, 200: 01:XX: XX)

Pleased was able to deal quite firmly and directly with difficult patients - very slight aggression. Slightly stood back, detached. No anticipatory feelings. Dealt with her in the here and now - didn't allow games / messing about. (103, f, 200: O1: XX: XX)

No sense of hurriedness. Clarity and determination, and accomplish things. No anxiety. (103, f, 200: 01: XX: XX)

Need to tidy up (generally untidy), moved some paintings. Old packets and bottles moved off freezer. Felt needed to tidy up house then tidy up garden, cut back dead wood etc. (103, f, 200: 03:XX: XX)

Not feeling as anxious. Not heavy headed. (103, f, 200: 03: XX:XX)

My husband said out of the blue that the remedy was making me more direct, assertive, but not bossy. This week more organized. (103, f, 200: 04:XX:XX)

Visited mum - didn't feel as antagonistic as I normally do. Afterwards she said she'd come to visit me. Going home I was aware there was a softening to that idea. Haven't wanted her in the house before, decided to invite her up. (103, f, 200: 04:XX:XX)

Daughter not home shed rang earlier to say she was going to be late - keep her tea warm. Husband angry at waste of electricity. I was untouched by his anger. Thought they can sort it out between them. (Previously would have felt a knot in stomach, anxiety and would have tried to appease him.) Felt empathy with him. (103, f, 200: 04:XX: XX)

Still tidying - a backlog of case notes, teaching notes. (103, ft 200: 04:XX: XX)

Found myself cleaning up kitchen - not obsessive just sense of putting things in order and organizing things. Pleasant symptoms efficient, not efficacious. Sense of well-being. (103, f, 200: 04:XX: XX)

Looked at garden today and was able to see it clearer i.e. more observant - able to see a broader picture rather than individual bits, the whole. (103, f, 200: 07:XX: XX)

Made daughter get off the phone. In the past would have wanted to, but now did. Was downright bossy, not dictatorial just firm. Feel very well, quite calm and optimistic. Getting used to the idea that there is no certainty in doing the job (homoeopathy) and the results. Job before, felt needed certainty.

Far more assertive in myself, the external uncertainties dont matter so much. Feel its the beginning of a new way of thinking about things, feel very optimistic about things. (103, f, 200: 07:XX: XX)

(R0S) Phoned back difficult patient - she was rude, offensive, I wasnt upset by it. (103, f, 200: 08:XX: XX)

Supermarket bill was very large this week. D. started to moan about it as he usually does. I usually ignore his moaning but today I felt very sympathetic towards him I knew how he felt (This is the same feeling as a few days ago, when I knew how he felt when he was angry with my daughter.) I said nothing because I didnt feel anything I said would make it better. He came round very quickly after 15 minutes to apologise to me for his ranting on. (103, f, 200: 10:XX: XX)

I seem to be standing back and getting everything done, (110,f, 1M: 10:XX: XX)

Did some gardening and cleared away some dead trees and brambles felt brighter after doing it / more cheerful. (101, m, 1M: 13:XX: XX)

Busier than usual important meeting pending - felt in control. (101, m, 1M: 14:XX: XX)

Lots of energy all evening worked till midnight. (104,f, 30: 13:XX: XX)

Desire to clean - feeling very fastidious - wanted everything to be exact. (110,f, 1M: 13:XX: XX)

Created festive atmosphere - like Christmas. Desire to stop the world - get everything sorted and up to date and then get everything started again. (110,f, 1M: 14:XX: XX)

Phone call from a third difficult patient complaining about treatment, since the start of the proving. This is unusual for me, my feeling is not as anxious about this as I would have been, before taking the proving my feeling was more of concern than anxiety. (103, f. 200: 17:XX: XX)

 Out walking in the Peak District today. Found I was able to make connections between the various places in the Peak District. In the past have been familiar with individual places but not able to fix them together - where they are in relation to each other. Today I found I could. This is an example of seeing the broader picture that I experienced in my garden on day 7. (103, f, 200: 17:XX: XX)

Made a sudden realization as to the meaning of a recurrent childhood nightmare, while chatting to a friend - it all fell into place, and was linked with the film Wizard of Oz - Id never realized that before, although now its blindingly obvious. (104,f, 30: 17:XX:XX)

Feel very energetic today - as I used to feel in the morning felt optimistic all day. (103, f, 200: 18:XX: XX)

My partner and I have decided to get engaged after 17 years of living together, and 2 children! It seems like a fun, confirming, consolidating thing to do (104,f,30: 19: XX:XX)

Feeling very busy in the late evening, wanting to do, not go to bed. Urge to read in particular. (104,f, 30: 29:XX: XX)

I had my hair cut for the first time professionally in 7 years! Another thing Id been putting off and have at last done! (104,f, 30: 39:XX: XX)

Feel bright and sparkly, creative once more. Had thought Id never be right again. It has dragged its way through me. (110,f, 1M: 60:XX: XX)


Bossy. Daughter objected wanted things to be done. More would be accomplished if she did things and I did things (not bossy normally). Not dictatorial. Organizing people to take on tasks. Daughter said I looked well. Feeling calm yet she says Im bossy. I do not normally ask someone to do something usually do it myself. (103, f, 200: 01:XX: XX)

Feel stroppy and bossy - its fun actually! My partner accused me of talking like someone out of Eastenders! Behaving in a rude off hand way. Continued also on and off the next day. (104, f,30: 09:XX: XX)


Conversation on the telephone was abrupt. Every question answered with a " No, no. Nope, Yep, No. Monosyllabic, abrupt, aggressive. (100, f, 6: 01:XX: XX)

Alternating between aggression, hysteria and stupor. (100, f, 6: 01:XX: XX)

Annoyed, slightly shaky after a phone call from a demanding patient. Quite short on the phone businesslike. (103, f, 200: 02:XX: XX)

Was direct with daughter, I could feel anger rising, therefore could be direct without being in a state, she does so little in the house. (103, f, 200: 02:XX: XX)

A surge of anger toward a difficult patient, while thinking about her. Patient used to phone daily, now she has come back, looks like she's doing it again. All at once I decided I would tell her not to phone every day. Visualized it happening. Never got to a pitch where I thought I could tell her. Once I decided this, the anger went after 5 minutes but the decision remained. (103, f, 200: 02:XX: XX)

General feeling for the day: More anger, lethargy and tiredness. Feeling of anger is lifting; a lid is lifting off it. Have been keeping the peace for a couple of years.

Keeping everybody calm, husband and daughter fiery so I have to keep the peace. (103, f, 200: 02:XX: XX)

Later, everyone was very irritable and definitely not at one. Every little thing feels so difficult and out to annoy me - inanimate objects especially. This is completely different to how I felt this morning. Not able to negotiate with my daughter, just turned her down without listening to her. Wanted kids out of my hair, in bed, without bedtime stories, and no argument. (104,f 30: 02:XX: XX)

(R0S) Felt irritable, hot and bothered before bed, just wanted to be left alone. (103, f, 200: 03:XX: XX)

Whole family very irritable and failing to communicate at all. (104,f, 30: 03:XX: XX)

Annoyed for people being in my way, Irritable with people. Want to be on my own. Impatient at others slowness - woman with a pram in front of me Why is she dithering?" Intolerant (not like me). (100, f,6: 03:XX: XX)

Irritable, wanted to be left alone and quiet. Partner asked for help in the garden felt obliged out of duty. (101, m,1M: 05:XX: XX)

(I0S) Woke by answer phone, didn't answer it but felt annoyed and agitated that a difficult patient had managed to disturb me, lasted until 2 pm. (103, f, 200: 08:XX: XX)

(I0S) Irritable with the kids, couldn't wait to get rid of them to bed, just wanted rid of them. (104,f 30: 11:XX: XX)

Irritable in the morning on being challenged about getting on with jobs that needed doing on the house / garden (i.e. not getting on with them!) (101, m, 1M: 13:XX: XX)

Busy day - beginning to feel hassled. (101, m, 1M: 15:XX: XX)

More irritable, felt constrained by job. Felt like an automaton, not in control. (107,m, 1M: 17:XX: XX)

Quite wound up at prospect of long drive to meeting. (101, m, 1M: 18:XX: XX)

On the same night as having a dream about being concerned about animals, my daughter kept having a dream about a giant wasp that didnt like people. She came into our room 3 or 4 times, and I was just irritated and said, Go away-I didnt even think of giving her a hug! It felt very callous of me the following morning. (104,f, 30: 31:XX: XX)

Very irritable and feeling out of control today - actually swore at my daughter when she spilt water all over my work. (104,f, 30: 48:XX: XX)

Continued irritability with the family - I seem to create situations where I can find fault and blow up. (104,f, 30: 49:XX: XX)

Shouted at grandchildren in an unreasonable way - felt very guilty. Irritability better for walking. Everything that was a problem has now got on top of me. Im hardly able to do anything because everything has to be done perfectly. There is so much to put in order I dont know where to start. I dont want to hand over control to anybody. (103, f, 200: 71:XX: XX)

(From supervisors diary) Murderous rage. Feels its hormonal. Total unreasonable, sheer rage. Things winding me up - granddaughter with diabetes - constant battle to get her to eat, and the dog. Sheer rage. (103, f, 200: 71:XX: XX)

Very irritable. The cat is irritating me beyond measure. Threw her to the ground feeling loss of control. Want to control everything. Used to feel like this when premenstrual - the feeling would go once the period had started. This feeling went once I started to take Evening Primrose about 20 years ago. (103, f, 200: 71: XX: XX)


Took 4 days to write a letter - as if time was slipping by - getting nowhere fast. (109,f, 200: 00:XX: XX)

(ROS) I dont feel quite in the world - culturally things have gone on around me, Ive missed things. (109,f, 200: 00:XX: XX)

Depressed still, also no desire to do anything - desire to drink alcohol. (102, m, 6: 01:XX: XX)

Disinclined to work. (102, m, 6: 03:XX: XX)

I feel depressed in a strange way - no great appetite for work a wish to enjoy myself - drink, sex, pleasure. Tiredness not depressed but despair or languor. Drink coffee - I know its wrong but I need something - the urge to break rules is strong.

No desire to do things I love doing - garden work, studies and writing, play music, go to cinema, indifference. (102, m, 6: 08:XX: XX)

Confused. Cant find familiar objects. (100, f, 6: 01: XX: XX)

Disorientated in familiar surroundings. (100, f, 6: 01:XX: XX)

Short term memory shot at. Keeps putting things down and not able to find them even though they are there. (100, f, 6: 02:XX: XX)

Memory is poor. Loss of memory for familiar things. (100, f, 6: 01:XX: XX)

Clumsy - dropping things all the time. (100, f, 6: 01:XX: XX)

Confused and giggling. (100, f, 6: 02:XX: XX)

Sensation as if brick wall is stopping me from doing things. Cant get through it. Frustrated. Cant find a way to remember things. Angry about it. Left my bag of sac lac at supervisors house yesterday (2kg is difficult to miss) it was in front of my nose and I needed it. I know Ive done things -cant find a way through it. Cant find things. Supervisor observed; spent a long time rummaging through her bag looking for something that she had in her hand, (NOTE: Supervisor also lost something, a message very important, for 3 days. I searched everywhere for it. It had been in my hand most of that time.) (100, f, 6: 02:XX: XX)

Circle dancing - felt well and good energy first half, second half not really there in the room. Feet felt mixed up. Fatigue (3), lay on floor, dozed, took half an hour to come out of it. Wondered how I would drive home. Someone asked me if I was OK. She noticed my feet where getting mixed up. Sensation as if asleep on feet. Wasnt completely in the room. Not in room / dance. (103, f. 200: 02:XX: XX)

Made a mistake numbering the day in my diary (only noticed when writing up the proving notes - this symptom gets worse later on, and I hadnt realised it had started so soon.) (104,f, 30: 02:XX: XX)

Still clumsy. Keep dropping things. Ive dropped the car keys I dont know how many times today. NOTE: Supervisor has constantly been dropping things as well. (100, f, 6: 03:XX: XX)

So far this month (including the period just before the proving started) 8 patients have got their appointment times and dates wrong - 3 this week so far! (Ive been able to establish its not my fault!) (104,f, 30: 07:XX: XX)

A complete lapse of memory - couldnt remember at all if Id put a remedy out for a patient to collect although I know Id prepared it, but it wasnt where I should have left it. As if a chunk of memory had disappeared, for something Id just done. (104,f, 30: 09:XX: XX)

Felt spaced out before - now dont feel as detached - I felt out of things. (109,f, 200: 10:XX:XX)

Walking in the precinct - felt weepy, feeble, weak and a bit pathetic. Confused -whats going on? (109,f, 200: 13:XX: XX)

Making lots of mistakes in my writing and misspellings - just spelt round with a w not a r! Can make 3 or 4 in a sentence, but quickly spot them (when going through proving notes realized I havent spotted them all.) (104, f, 30: 12:XX: XX)

Supervisor pointed out Id got the numbering of all the days in the proving diary wrong (corrected at writing up stage I) (104, f, 30: XX: XX: XX)

(I0S) Busy going nowhere. (109,f. 200: 14:XX: XX)

Energy levels dropping fast, difficult to concentrate, cant remember what has been said. Embarrassing - feel distant. (110,f, 1M: 13:XX: XX)

(I0S) Feel very negative - What is the point of life? . (109,f, 200: 15:XX: XX)

Still a sense of distance - feeling I was being drawn away. (110,f, 1M:13:XX: XX)

A feeling of everything slipping away from me, out of control. Nothing to hold on to. There is no logical mind behind this - I did administration things this morning and worked out a new case in the afternoon - that is I have had a productive day. Not a feeling of pressure of things to do, more a feeling of disintegration. (103, f, 200: 16:XX: XX)

Feel tired and horrible, cannot focus. Driving problem cannot gauge distance - mustnt drive too close in case I hit something. (109.f, 200: 17:XX: XX)

Still feel trapped and out of control, irritable, edgy and tense. Must try and relax more. Must look to change otherwise health and study will suffer. (107,m, 1M, 18:XX: XX)

Had a row worse for consolation. Wanted to sneeze, cough (after the row) but afraid back would go - but symptoms worse for consolation. Felt out of control - felt as if I was having a convulsion. Felt very alone vulnerable isolated. They dont deserve me. Decided to antidote the proving. (109,f, 200: 18:XX: XX)

My mind feels chaotic and so do my surroundings. Work feels out of control and the house a tip. It all feels too much to put right. (104,f, 30: 22:XX:XX)

Very aware Im still making lots of mistakes in writing - sometimes miss letters out or write just half a letter, i.e. dont complete it. (104,f, 30: 23:XX: XX)

Three times in the last week Ive taken the wrong route on short familiar local journeys by car. Suddenly realised Im going the wrong way on journeys I would never usually even think about! (This is very unusual) (104,f, 30: 24:XX: XX)

Sluggish (mind) and feeling of unease. A thin insubstantial divide between control and loss. (107,m, 1M: 25:XX: XX)

No energy feel zapped. (110,f, 1M: 25:XX: XX)

Feel decidedly not with it - wandered around. Need to lie down. Want to be shut off from everything. Repeated this feeling in the evening. (110,f,1M: 26:XX: XX)

Misjudged distances caused two falls. (110,f, 1M: 30:XX: XX)

A compulsion to write 1958 instead of 1998 all day, and Ive written todays date a lot today. Each time I have to stop myself from doing it. (58 is the year of my birth) this symptom lasted only one day. (104,f, 30: 45:XX: XX)

Felt I acted slightly inappropriately with 3 different patients today -tearful for a patients state, as I read a remedy essence to her. Too approving of a patient who is thinking of acting in a potentially unlawful way, for fear of seeming to judge her. Spent most of a session chatting to a patient about mutual friends instead of taking his case! Although it was mainly his doing. (104,f ,30: 47:XX: XX)


One thing I noticed is that time seems to slow down. (107,m, 1M: 01:XX: XX)

Not enough space

Driving home felt not with it. Went through one or two gaps where there wasnt space to fit. Took a few chances, sense of not having enough space. Other drivers had to move out of my way. (Normally a very cautious driver, husband always says he can drive in between the space Im driving in.) (103, f, 200: 02:XX: XX)

Do not want to be restricted in any way - undo bra - feel uncomfortable, too tight, and too restrictive. (110,f, 1M: 13:XX: XX)

Increased Energy

A spate of very earthy activity which I love - walking the dog, cooked chocolate brownies, producing a special meal for the family I havent felt like baking for months, but its felt like a real need. Then relapsed into a martyr role of doing all the washing up, cleaning up, even drying up, and couldnt stop until it was all done and felt completely exhausted and no one noticed. (104,f, 30: 03:XX: XX)

Lack of motivation

Went out and stood just waiting for instructions - no motivation, no initiative, looked sulky, felt difficult and stubborn. (101, m, 1M: 05:XX: XX)

Irritable in the morning on being challenged about getting on with jobs that needed doing on the house/garden (i.e. not getting on with them!) (101, m, 1M: 13:XX: XX)

Feeling of not knowing what I wanted to do, in the evening, I should be doing something, restlessness. (104,f, 30, 11:XX: XX)

I have energy but cant get on with anything. (109,f, 200: 11:XX: XX)

Travel / New Opportunities

Travel opportunities in the air. (110,f, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

A lot of travel and distance seems to be the theme, possibly of foreign travel. Distant foreign travels, not just Europe. This feels different. (110,f, 1M: 05:XX: XX)

Found I was doing something completely new for me: - looking for jobs for my partner (hes unhappy in his current job) and I was actually looking at jobs elsewhere in the country, and abroad, and finding myself open to the possibility that moving away from here might be an option, and even quite exciting ! Ive always been adamant that Ill never move from this house, let alone from Manchester, but suddenly the possibility was there, and it wasnt even scary! For me this is a huge shift. Maybe weve been in Manchester too long??! Feels like itchy feet. (104,f, 30: O6: XX: XX)

Lot of travel and moving around me - been to travel agents to get house details, exciting - 2 months ago would have not thought about traveling and moving. (110,f, 1M: 17:XX: XX)

Quite excited at thought of going away for the weekend. (101, m, 1M: 18:XX: XX)

Have developed an intense passion for someone I shouldnt have! Its a hugely deep physical and mental attraction and it feels all consuming and very distracting. I want to spend all my time fantasizing about meeting him, and to sleep in order to dream about him. Its about passion on the emotional level, not sexual. About a meeting of minds and hearts, and it feels so right ...but at the same time it feels so wrong because of my commitment to my partner. All in all, a very sensitive issue, and I keep trying to push it away and hold on it being a part of the proving, but the stronger urge is holding onto it because it feels so exciting and new! (108,f, 30: 20:XX: XX)

Grief / Old Wounds

(I0S) Grief - deep crying about: Dogs dying, a friends son, a bit about my mother - feelings of deep sadness for the grief of others in the world - not depression, just sadness. Sunshine makes these feelings worse. (103, f, 200: 08:XX: XX)

(I0S) Deep anger about sexual abuse came up - a lot of it aimed at my stepfather who abused my daughter as a child. (103, f, 200: 08:XX: XX)

(R0S) I am thinking about my Dad (died 5 years ago) (109,f, 200: 14:XX: XX)

The horror of looking down and seeing the frogs leg stuck in the door remains with me as I wake up this morning. I wondered how it was. (103, f, 200: 18:XX: XX)

A friends ex husband has died - shocking news - and my supervisor has also had some similar news about a colleagues father, shes heard of two other deaths this week too. (104,f, 30: 19:XX: XX)

Mothers day and felt very down. Wept for the pain of all mothers for an hour in the afternoon, about mothers being used and abused and acknowledged the world over. It was a very deep pain, and most unusual for me. All this seems to have started or come to a head since Friday when I saw old colleagues and started to talk about old job and boss (very difficult period in my life). (104,f, 30: 57:XX: XX)

My present situation is one of frustrated love - my loved one cannot be with me. Since the remedy, are the different feelings with respect to this situation - sadness, loneliness, depths of sadness, I wrote to my love I would rather be dead than be like this with no contact. Before we had secretive contact full of stress, it was hell, we ended it because it was making us so ill. But this is worse this is like being in the shadows - dead having crossed the Styx. It is so strong it could be a proving. I feel suicidal - so down in the depths of loneliness - needing her to be with me. No one else will do! (102, m, 6: 00:XX: XX)


Very irritable. The cat is irritating me beyond measure. Threw her to the ground feeling loss of control. Want to control everything. Used to feel like this when premenstrual - the feeling would go once the period had started. This feeling went once I started to take Evening Primrose about 20 years ago. (103, f, 200: 71:XX: XX)

The house seems in danger of filling up with animals! Weve just got 40 ants in an "Ant world, and the kids want a guinea pig and hamster. At the same time, one of our fish was discovered dead on the floor, having jumped out and been there at least a week - awful neglect or lack of interest on our part! (104,f, 30: 12:XX: XX)

Saw a Kingfisher while walking - amazing sight! Animals seem so important in my life at the moment. (104,f, 30: 15:XX:XX)

I feel Im getting lots of useful information from unexpected sources at the moment. For example the dogs been unwell and I thought she must have eaten something, then went for a walk to the park and chatted to 2 council workmen who told me theyd just found a huge pile of curry (!) under a tree where the dog had been nosing around yesterday. (104,f, 30: 16:XX: XX)

A strange and disturbing event. I shut the back door, looked down and saw half a frogs foot, half its lower limbs, and half its upper leg. The upper part of the leg had the skin off (i.e. the underlying tissue was exposed.) I couldnt bring myself to open the door for fear of what the rest of the frog would look like. I got my husband to do that - he called me in - the frog looked Ok and he let it go and it hopped away. I cant work out the significance of this event. I feel very sorry for the frog - again an example of feeling its pain - and its way of dying - because how could its survive with such a bad injury. (103, f, 200: 17:XX: XX)

The horror of looking down and seeing the frogs leg stuck in the door remains with me as I wake up this morning. I wondered how it was. (103, f, 200: 18:XX: XX)

Two new animals ensconced in the household - a hamster and a guinea pig (to join 2 cats, and a big dog, 2 fish and 40 ants.) (104,f, 30: 23:XX: XX)

Felt as if animals in the house are getting out of control! Everywhere I go theres a cat or dog or hamster where it shouldnt be! At one stage there was a cat, a hamster and a guinea pig all on the kitchen table I (maybe its the children who are out of control!) Theres also mud, sawdust and hay all over the house and Im beginning to wonder if it is such a good idea. (104,f, 30: 25:XX: XX)

At times today Ive felt that the animals are controlling us rather -theres always something that needs doing, or one that needs rescuing from a situation. (104,f, 30: 26:XX: XX)

Another fish died through neglect! The complete opposite of whats happening in dreams where Im looking after neglected animals. (I am looking after all the other animals well.) (104,f, 30: 60:XX: XX)


Sinking anticipatory anxiety felt in stomach on waking, but Ive nothing to feel this way about. (104,f, 30: 12:XX: XX)

Strongest emotion absolutely nothing. Usual to feel this before menopause or before meditation, lack of negative emotion feeling of contentment, all the problems are still there. Started to think about grandchildren - could feel anxiety but stopped it before it began - cut the loop. (103, f, 200: 14:XX: XX)

Anxious about giving report to meeting - why do I put myself in these situations. (101, m, 1M: 19:XX: XX)


(ROS) After son left for school - felt dispossessed like a refugee - I dont have anywhere. (109,f, 200: 14:XX: XX)


A lot of criticism from my daughter about how difficult it is to live at home, I wont let her use the stereo etc., etc., and complaints from 2 patients about how bad they feel on homoeopathy theyre not sure they want anymore treatment. I felt able to stand it but is quite an unusual amount for me all at the same time. I dont feel particularly affected by all this criticism. (103, f, 200: 16:XX: XX)


I feel Im getting lots of useful information from unexpected sources at the moment. For example the dogs been unwell and I thought she must have eaten something, then went for a walk to the park and chatted to 2 council workmen who told me theyd just fund a huge pile of curry (!) under a tree where the dog had been nosing around yesterday. (104,f, 30: 16:XX: XX)

Some more useful information gleaned from a fellow dog walker acquaintance in the park - to do with a house for rent, which a friend of mine needs. It feels as if every time I go out, I came home with something useful or interesting! (104,f, 30: 17:XX: XX)

Met a friend in the park that I havent seen for ages - arranged provisional lunch. (104,f, 30: 18:XX: XX)


Suddenly really into Bach string music - want it on all the time, its tugging at my heart strings! (Never been interested in it before.) (104,f, 30: 17:XX: XX)


Night seems a threat. Little doubts create big worries. Sense of normality and freedom. (1O7,m, 1M: 27:XX: XX)

On the outside looking in. (11O,f, 1M: 27:XX: XX)

Wanted to drop out of it all. (110,f, 1M: 28:XX: XX)

Lying in bed at night before sleep and saw a visual image of blue bubbles rising against a pale blue sky. Carbon dioxide came to my mind as a word (second time Ive had a visual image - never had them before). (104,f, 30: 29:XX: XX)

Found myself thinking about people I used to work with 18 years ago - maybe I dreamt about them but I dont recall a clear dream. (104,f, 30: 27:XX: XX)

Introspection - self-analysis - sensation of something traveling from the top of my head down through my body to feet. Mentally grounded. (11O,f, 1M: 53:XX: XX)

(ROS) Impressions of my father (twice) - he said be careful - has had the sense of protectiveness. Before this time it was in words. (103, f. 200: 04: XX: XX)


Felt the distance thing again but feel miserable as if Ive got the whole world on my shoulders. (110,f, 1M: 29:XX: XX)

Felt quite despondent because of several patient cancellations during the last week. (103, f, 200: 30:XX: XX)

Felt miserable down in the dumps. Feel as if Ive gone to the extreme of this remedy. (110,f, 1M: 30:XX: XX)

Despondent and low. (110,f, IM: 39:XX: XX)

Feel and look as if Im a hundred years old. (People comment on my paleness). Low self-esteem - feel unattractive - looked in mirror - pale and miserable. (110,f, 1M: 40:XX: XX)

Still low, feel dragging and horrible. Dont want to communicate. (110,f, IM: 41:XX: XX)

Dont want to think about anything Im dragging on to get through. (110,f, 1M: 42:XX: XX)

Exhausted and weepy. (110,f, 1M: 45:XX: XX)

Feeling low, feeling unattractive, I dont feel feminine. I dont know what I want anymore. I feel my face and hair is a mess, weepy. (110,f, 1M: 46:XX: XX)

My 40th birthday and have felt very down for a few days which is most unusual. Dont know if its to do with the proving or because Im turning 40. Close to tears a lot of times, and sobbed my heart out reading a sad story to my daughter at bedtime. Trying not to feel sorry for myself a lot of time. (104,f,1M: 60:XX: XX)


Stunned to hear sister has suffered a stroke or cancer of the brain. (107m, 1M: XX: XX: XX)

Noticed the sense of depression that I used to get briefly on cooking has not been there since taking the remedy. (103, f, 200: 04:XX: XX)

I want to eat, drink, and sleep! All things I can ignore usually. (104,f, 30: 06:XX: XX)

Daughter and I having a few spats about the use of the telephone, she doesnt like to be told what to do. Situation feels healthier than it was. (103, f, 200: 09:XX: XX)

Very untidy in bedroom - lots of things on bed. Extra covers wanted wool. (110,f, 1M: 09:XX: XX)

(ROS) Dont want to do mental work - but want to do physical work. (109,f, 200: 11:XX: XX)

Woke from a very deep sleep and did not want to get up - wanted to curl up and sleep again. Felt very warm and cozy. Then all day feeling very sleepy (not physical tired, but a heavy bleary feeling in my head and eyes). (104,f, 30: 14:XX: XX)

Tired and lethargic difficult to self-motivate. Possibly a delayed reaction to suffer. (101, m, 1M: 18:XX: XX)

Tired after long drive. (101,m, 1M: 19:XX: XX)

Felt funny on waking: wanted to slip back into my shadow. (110,f,1M: 19: XX: XX) (I0S) Fear of cancer is so strong it nearly made me sick. Aware constantly of a lump on the neck. Need great resolution to rationalize the situation. Last two days may have seen the return of the remedy, this time more heavy and threatening. (107,m, 1M: 19:XX: XX)

Feel people are looking at me and know something is wrong with my eyes. Felt as if I might burst into tears and would have done it if anyone had asked if anything was wrong with my eyes. (110,f, 1M: 23:XX:XX)

Lowness lifting. (110,f,1M: 48:XX: XX)



Drinking from a saucepan - when I nearly completed it, found something like a large decomposed slug stuck to the bottom of it - slug is long and large. Feeling of mild disgust. (101, m, 1M: 01:XX: XX)

Dream of having a kangaroo as a pet - just like we have a dog - and we had a collar and lead for the kangaroo - it stood to adult size and to stop it making a noise (like a barking sound) we had to put our hands to its mouth. Also this kangaroo wanted to chase cats (just like a dog)- but its strength was too strong to hold it back. (110,f, 1M: 09: XX: XX)

Cleaning out compost bin and found a very large worm in the bottom (i.e. about one inch in diameter.) Tried to get the worm out (no big drama) to put it back in the garden - but cant remember if I was successful or not. (101, m, 1M: 12:XX: XX)

A baby - I was holding it and somebody warned me not to let head go. Then saw turtles on the floor - eating a rat - thought turtles were vegetarian - so why were they there? (109,f, 200: 16:XX: XX)

Daughter was upset about something. Asked her if she would like to see her rabbit that she had previously given to a friend - she said she would. I said I would phone her friend's mother - I was reluctant to do this because it seemed my daughter did not want the responsibility of looking after the rabbit, but wanted the comfort of him when she was feeling down. This relates to my present irritation with my daughter. (103, f, 200 10: XX: XX)

Dreamt there was an insect in my bed - an ant? Sat bolt upright, put the light on and started brushing the bed off with my hand, then realised I had been dreaming. (I had this dream many times in the past, but not for the last twelve months.) (104,f, 30: 13:XX: XX)

I was on a beach where there were loads of stray animals; most of them were babies. On the sand were two dogs with litters, each lying on a beach towel, so someone had obviously been helping them. Very beautiful dogs one a red setter and a golden setter. I got the impression they belong to someone but I think they had left a note explaining how to care for them. There was a hamster on the loose and another small furry creature, both living in some bushes, I picked them up and decided theyd lived there long enough and seemed healthy enough and should stay there, then I found a cat and a litter of kittens - a beautiful dark steel colour with light silver grey stripes that were finely delineated - very beautiful and unusual. I really wanted one of the kittens to take home, thinking Id never come across any like that again. (104,f, 30: 31: XX: XX)

Dream of a cat I had that died 7 years ago. He was hugely swollen and in great pain; his kidneys were very swollen and I could feel them through his skin. We were discussing what to do about him and whether to have him put down. (104,f, 30: 60:XX: XX)


Looking after two children - anxious to do it right - I kept tidying after them. (103, f, 200: 01:XX: XX)

Old Wounds

Dreams about father (who is dead) and sister who dies in the dream (she has cancer). I was in control of my emotions. Childhood memories - bunk bed etc. (107,m, 1M: 01:XX: XX)


Dreams of urination happened twice (but not in reality). (107,m, 1M: 03:XX: XX)


Dream lost in an area I used to live, nostalgia again, miss the bus, end up with a group of strangers, young and old singing Christmas Carols. (107,m,1M: 03:XX: XX)


A mountain going very high but also a coach going extremely fast, on a precipice, the fall was crossed quickly. (107,m, 1M: 04:XX: XX)

I was driving and got lost - seek help - helpers all women - menace like a group of witches or devil worshippers. However feel in control - bump into a group of tourists, I go to a rather grand hotel, feel as if agents of the women are there but it doesnt matter, I have no fear on my pArt, even contempt, I goad them into fights. (107,m, 1M: 01:XX: XX)

Working with materials to disguise them so that they dont look hazardous. (110,f, 1M: 09:XX: XX)


Being on a retreat where the nuns were wandering from room to room trying to find someone to give a talk whom they never found. (101, m, 1M: 07:XX: XX)

I go out and cannot find my car. I am wandering the streets - but it is lost, there are crowds, it is Italy, it is Christmas, crowds and crowds, I find a restaurant I was looking for previously. (102, m, 6: 09:XX: XX)

We struggle down the muddy narrow street. Left I am served and I am eating in the crowd. I thinking the car has been taken away by the police. (107,m, 1M: 07:XX: XX)

Frightening dreams initially, and then the sea arrived, then a house abroad, the return of whether to live there or not.

Driving to take flowers to a girlfriend and realize it was her mothers house I was taking the flowers - I say to mother - Ive brought these to the wrong house - she smiles coyly. (102, m, 6: 09:XX: XX)


Sexual dream - never been kissed so deliciously then frustration at the disappearance of the woman. (107,m, 1M: 07:XX: XX)

I was in my bedroom and an old girlfriend, very young and beautiful is talking to me through the crack in the part open door. I eventually open the door and pull her in she is naked and almost perfect, but not quite such perfect skin, we are making love. (102, m, 6: 09:XX: XX)


Driving a new white sports car - witnessing an accident / car crash but didnt stop to help - just carried on - not waiting to be involved - thinking someone would blame me for the accident although it was not my fault. Turned around and drove back to the crash after a couple of miles -everything was fairly calm, at scene of accident. (101, m, 1M: 21:XX: XX)


A person (male) kept appearing in my car as I was driving it. I thought I must remember to put this in my diary tomorrow, this is syphilitic but now on waking cant remember why it is syphilitic. I have never had a dream that included a conscious thought before a lucid dream. There was no fear just that the person was there - I suppose he represented my supervisor in my life. It felt like an invasion, but definitely not unpleasant just curious he was there. (103, f, 200: 01: XX: XX)


Weird dream - had to check dream and not for real, as it was so vivid. I was sitting on the floor with some children and when I moved to get up I noticed a small yellow dot - splodge of yellow discharge - and remember feeling embarrassed about it - I then tried to discreetly wipe it up but as I wiped there seemed to be more and more appearing and the small splodge was now becoming quite a puddle of yellow discharge. On waking I had to check that no discharge was coming from me as this felt so real. (110,f, 1M: 23:XX: XX)


Dreams are plentiful and very clear, like realistic paintings, all is real in immense detail in a big house with old friends, my distant lover and I behaving as if we lived together in great reality. (102, m, 6: 00:XX: XX)


(I0S) Dream: My lover was away and I only saw her on Saturdays, we are on the bed and she says I cannot see her on Saturdays again. I feel jealous and hurt, pull her hair hard and feel very hurt. These feelings I would have exactly in the past but now nothing like these so strong. (102, m, 6: 08:XX: XX)


(ROS) Dreams of two sad characters in a soap kissing each other. Two old women who watch are delighted. Then two glamourous characters kiss - and one realises that she has settled for second best. I felt sad for her. This reflects my old feeling about my husband and myself. That I am less than interesting or attractive and so deserve a person who is the same, but always felt my husband is not quite the person I should have married. I should have married someone with a similar intelligence to mine. (103, f, 200, 01:XX: XX)

Dreams of stepfathers family, his business not doing very well yet he gave me 50. The dream changes to me being in a class where we were being taught some dates in history. Id never heard of any of the events but everyone else in the class had and they contributed. I felt very stupid that I couldnt join in. (103, f, 200: 02: XX: XX)

The scene moved to my Supervisor and I was looking at clothes in the supermarket and asked supervisor if she had ever heard of the remedy Chattlo she had and I felt stupid (similar to dream in the class the previous night.) (103, f, 200: 03: XX: XX)


Im working in a supermarket with my sister in law - she was the manager and Im a mere plebe I asked her what I should do and she suggested I make sure the aisles were clear. But I said No, I know what I should do and thats to clear up the kitchen because all the furniture was in the wrong place and it badly needed sorting out. (104,f, 30: 04:XX: XX)


Near old school with a kid and an old guy. I tell them about self-confidence, that they should learn, when young, to nurture it. Stand up and be counted. (A regret of mine perhaps, so much time lost because of fear and weakness. Maybe some steel has been soldered to the spine.) (107,m, 1M: 21:XX: XX)


On a train with my daughter and granddaughter who sat on the other side with a stranger. I said it was time for granddaughter to go home. The train set off and I got worried because it was time for granddaughter to go home. Then I realised we were taking her home on the train. (103, f, 200: 03: XX: XX)


I got into a state dancing - felt very tired, lethargic, a homoeopath who I didnt know - male, tall, enigmatic air, came and said I needed Chattlo (a remedy) - I was reassured. The scene moved to my supervisor and I was looking at clothes in the supermarket and asked supervisor if she had ever heard of the remedy Chattlo, she had and I felt stupid (similar to dream in the class the previous night.)

Destruction / regeneration . Two people and myself in a wood clearing surrounded by dead animals, rabbits, bits of bloody fur, hunting tools etc. Another image a person with snow falling on them the sky was very bright behind. It was nuclear snow. Both these dreams have images of destruction. (103, f, 200: 04: XX: XX)

Working in a meat-processing factory - very friendly unexpectedly so. We all had somewhere to go for break - the journey back was longer than the journey there - passing through an area of demolition of buildings for regeneration - lots of animals, ducks, rabbits, etc. my friend said it would all have to go. Then the inside of a very old building with wall paintings. Then I saw a boy with lots of injuries - bandages and lots of blood. At one point in a bedroom with lots of pairs of trousers daughters new clothes. A woman at the factory became my friend. (103, f, 200: 09: XX: XX)

An explosion ripping through a street of stone terraced houses - very destructive. Only the houses on the right hand side were affected. (103, f, 200: 11: XX: XX)


In an indoor market lots of stalls and little cubicles. I had been offered the chance to practice there. My client was one of the other stallholders. I sat her down and then had to go off and do other things. I did all the other (cant remember what they were now.) But all the time I was doing them I was conscious of feeling guilty because this person was waiting for me. When I finally got back to her she was very annoyed and said there was no time to do it as it was time for the market to close. I looked around and everyone was packing up. I thought maybe there was time before the market finally closed but she said no, she has to pack up also. Feelings guilty, hurry, feeling an outsider, that I cant get it together to do the job efficiently. (103, f, 200: 05: XX: XX)

Outsider The scene shifted to a big event - I had somebody elses ticket which was spare, to enable me to be there. I wasnt sure what was going on. My friends said it would be OK. Two people started to move among the crowd looking at tickets to see who had the tickets with the special lucky numbers on them and also asking for money - it was a fund raising charity event. I was worried they would see it wasnt my ticket because there was a photo of the ticket holder on it and it wasnt mine. My friend said dont worry well go now and meet at a mutual friends house. I made my way to the house carrying a trouser suit that was creased, so I ironed it on a park bench on the way. Feeling with the dream feeling an outsider not quite fitting in. (103, f, 200: 16: XX: XX)

A choir was rehearsing in Swedish I could hear them. I went out for a walk and came to cross a lane the choir came marching and I had to wait for them. They stopped as they got to the end of the lane where I was waiting to cross and cheered and clapped themselves. I got muddled up in them all milling about. I continued on my way then saw some things for sale on the grass verge. I picked up a fishing rod that looked very complicated and went to the little window to ask its price. The man inside ignored me. I stood for a while and some of the singers came up to buy things. After they had gone I asked the price of the fishing rod, intending to buy it for my husband - the man said it was 84 so I put it back because it was too expensive. Feeling of the dream, slight irritation that the choir had stopped me. They didnt consider me at all because they were so taken up with what they were doing - so I felt ignored. I felt resentment that they were served by the man because they made more noise and I was ignored.

Traffic jam

Lots of cars driving on the right of my view - a traffic jam. I was going straight on and intending to turn to the left - this was my direction. I was pleased not to be going into the traffic jam. (103,f,200: 15: XX: XX)

Train journey

We were waiting for a train. When it came the railway people said the electricity had failed so they had converted the train into a diesel and altered its doors so that they would slide back manually. The doors were sliding and made from white plywood. I looked for a carriage - the first had no window, the second had one window so I planned to get in there. The feeling in the dream was really of going on a train journey. (103, f, 200: 16: XX: XX)


I was staying with my mother, but for a short time - 1 1/2 days and it doesnt feel like its a proper length visit. We are not in her normal house, its nowhere familiar, she gets out loads of old stuff Ive never seen before - loads of half finished canvases of embroideries of Egyptian architecture - all yellows, golds, ochres in colour. Also an old envelope of photos of our childhood that Ive never seen before, including quite a lot of me - my hairs too red, or my face too fat, etc. All a slightly different me I didnt know anything about. At some point in the dream my partner is packing up the car in a garage adjoining the house. (104,f, 30: 03:XX: XX)

Lots of old friends from school were around, and it felt as if it was set in school. General feeling of being included and really wanted at some points, and ignored or choosing to go off on my own because Id had enough, at other points. A school reunion - very informal, and spread out and went on for God knows how long. At one point someone was reading a newspaper with an article in it about someone I hardly knew at school who was missing presumed dead, in some African country, where hed been working as a naturalist (in reality is not his sort of thing at all). The article was accompanied by a school photo, which showed him with his class, so not a current photo of him. There was a sports day type event, lots of tables with food on, and a great big stone flagon containing a concoction of fermenting meat juices - not very nice! No one wanted to take it with them, although the feeling was that someone should. (104,f, 30: 10:XX: XX)


A long dream where I was sitting on the outer edge of a window, 3 or 4 stories high, supported by a plastic basket hooked onto the window frame. It felt very unsafe but I was assured it was safe and there were several people around, including an old man sitting in a similar basket in the next window. Very scary, unsafe feeling - I hate heights. At some stage in the dream I went away and came back to find a woman fiddling with a pair of my pants - trying to rub out a mark made by her cigarette. (104,f, 30: 04:XX: XX)


I was having a relationship with an unknown woman and was due to move in with her in 3 days time. The relationship seemed very right and meaningful, but then I realized I had this awful dilemma - because I had to tell my current partner and hurt him, or go back on the plans and hurt her. I didnt know how I could have got into such a situation - it felt awful. A friend of mine was giving me advice and saying my current partner and I were completely right for each other and meant to be together. Part of the choice seemed to be between going to live in a communal set up in the lesbian relationship, and staying somewhere known and secure. I felt very confused, guilty and awful on waking. (108,f, 30: 19:XX: XX)

Another dream on sleeping again - cuddling with a bloke on the back seat of a bus! Someone I know of, but have never met, and whom I know isnt very nice in reality, but in the dream I seemed to like him. (108,f, 30: 19:XX: XX)

Sitting at a picnic table on a hill with a friend and a woman I didnt know, waiting for my mother and brother to walk up the hill (they were bringing us drinks), the stranger was going on and on about her marriage breakdown, and my friend was getting very irritable, so I told the stranger about my friends own marriage break up to shut her up. When my brother arrived, he was wearing lots of jewelry and I asked him for a gin and tonic and then realized his wife (someone who doesnt like me in reality) was making it for me and I was surprised. I felt as if they were waiting for us. Then I was sitting by a big round porthole like window with waves washing up against it, but I could see a large cove and bay as well. (104,f, 30: 33:XX: XX)


With lots of members of partners family trying to organize them into a coach trip to Tatton Park to see an art exhibition. We were all in another stately home to start with. (104,f, 30: 27:XX: XX)

Lack of space

I was driving a friend around somewhere I didnt know in a car that was too big, and the streets were too narrow - having lots of problems passing cars and getting around corners. (104,f, 30: 31:XX: XX)


I had a horrific dream that I cut my own leg off! I used a saw and cut it off just below the knee. I dont know why I did it but it had to be done. I then left a flap of skin uncut because I had to hold it together to still get around! No pain experienced, and no blood, just amazement and disgust. (104,f, 30: 60:XX: XX)


Dizziness on rising from sitting - the room spun round, and I had to hold onto the chair for a few seconds. (102, m, 6: 07:XX: XX)


Slight headache on top of head - like a lid - tight fitting - lasts half an hour. (103, f, 200: 00:02:25)

Dull pressing pain - right occipital and right side head. As if headache would develop but it didnt. (104,f, 30: 00:13:25)

Headache started while working outside. Band like. Like a slide only wider. Over the top of the scalp down to both temples. Later extended to behind eyes and sides of lower forehead, level with eyes. Lasted 10 minutes. Dull pain, not severe, came in waves. (103, f, 200: 01: XX: XX)

Heaviness like a weight - slightly sickly feeling alternating with feeling of band going around head, and is too tight, extends down to bridge of nose. (110,f, 1M: 01:XX: XX)

Heaviness - woke 7.30 with heaviness, still there evening. (110,f, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

Heaviness top of head. (110,f, 1M: 03:XX: XX)

Headache - from occipital on left hand side coming from over the head into forehead just above left eye. Neuralgia quite painful, deep, penetrating. (102, m, 6: 03:XX: XX)

Pain over left eye, aching, originating near left ear extending to left temple. (107,m, 1M: 03:XX: XX)

Headache on and off in intensity. (102, m, 6: 04:XX: XX)

Pain occiput / nape after gardening. Neck was not stiff, weather was very cold. (103, f, 200: 13:XX: XX)

Headache all over the head. Forehead dull ache. Pain behind the ears. (103, f, 200: 16:XX: XX)

Slight pain left temple extending under left eye. (107,m, 1M: 17:XX: XX)

Slight pain left temple. (107,m, 1M: 18:XX: XX)

Stinging, pressing pain left temple, felt on the surface only. (104,f, 30: 21:XX: XX)

Heaviness on head as if concrete block on head makes eyes feel funny. (110,f, 1M: 22:XX: XX)

Heaviness of head on waking, more over right eye. (110,f, 1M: 28:XX: XX)

Headache top of head and bridge of nose (right) followed a fall where I hit my head. (110,f, 1M: 30:XX:XX)

Slight migraine with nausea, in waves. (103, f, 200 30:XX: XX)

Sensation as if hair on left side of scalp is pulled up, standing on end. (104,f, 30: 41:XX: XX)

Whacking headache on waking. (110,f, 1M: 55:XX: XX)

Pain headache - as if hungry - extending down front and neck. (109,f, 200: XX:XX:XX)

Headache above left eye, stabbing pain. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Headache extending to left temple. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Headache extending under left eye. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Headache extending down nose. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Headache extending to left cheekbone. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Headache pressure. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Headache sensation as if sore. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)


Heaviness of eyes. (110.f, 1M: 06:XX: XX)

Slight tremor under left eye and over left eyebrow. (107,m 1M: 12:XX: XX)

Slight pain left eye. (107,m, 1M: 18:XX: XX)

Eyes crusted at the corners - particularly outside edge - sore and watery. Sensation as if looking out from under heavy eyebrows. (110,f, 1M: 23:XX: XX)

Left eye sore. Eye looks puffy all round. (104,f, 30: 41:XX: XX)

Left eyebrow outer edge - sore and tender, concomitant to sharp pain cheek bone (left). (104, f, 30: 41:XX: XX)

Stabbing pain in left eyeball like needles pushed inwards. (104,f, 30: 45:XX: XX)

Eye soreness pressure (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Pain behind left eye. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)


Slight photophobia eating frequent meals; plain food. (103, f, 200: 13:XX: XX)

Seemed to see objects with forked lightning flashing around them - lasts for one hour (proved fall where bumped head). (110,f, 1M, 30:XX: XX)


(ROS) Left ear full of some form of liquid causing discomfort and impaired hearing. (102, m, 6: 06:XX: XX)

(R0S) Eruptions behind the ears have returned - undoing effects of last constitutional remedy. (102, m, 6: 08: XX: XX: XX)

Sore and slightly sticky behind right ear - in crease of ear. (104,f, 30: 16:XX: XX)


Sudden piercing ringing in right ear - lasts 10 seconds (symptoms repeated Several times through the proving.) (104,f, 30: 06:XX: XX)

Sudden blocked ear - followed by ringing. (110,f, 1M: 24:XX: XX)


Sneezed several times during the day. (101, m, 1M: 00:XX: XX)

(R0S) snuffle early morning. (101, m, 1M: 01:XX: XX)

Very itchy end of nose tip and nostrils - wanted to rub it - lasted half an hour as if hair was tickling. (Symptom repeated several times in the proving.) (104,f, 30: 01:XX: XX)

Sudden one off sneezing. (Dog and cat had the same - repeated on day 3) (104,f, 30: 01: XX: XX)

(R0S) Sniffles most of the day - clear discharge. (101, m, 1M: 04:XX: XX)

Cold symptoms appearing - nose alternating between blocked and being runny thin clear mucous. (110,f, 1M: 07:XX: XX)

Nose started to run like a tap, clear watery discharge. By end of day nose stopped running - blocked up again. (110,f, 1M: 08:XX: XX)

Watery clear discharge. (110,f, 1M: 09:XX: XX)

Heightened sense of smell of people. Noticed bacterial odour and perfume intensely and unpleasantly. (104,f, 30: 12:XX: XX)

Right nostril sore (at same time as sore on mouth.) (104,f, 30: 29:XX: XX)

Nose twitching. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)


Smell acute. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Smell car fumes, petrol fumes (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Heightened sense of smell of people. Noticed body odour and perfume intensely and unpleasantly. (104,f, 30: 12:XX: XX)

FACE Painful tension in left jaw joint. (104,f, 30: 03:XX: XX)

Face burning while eating - hot to touch. (104,f, 30: 07:XX: XX)

(ROS) Left cheek slightly swollen. (110,f,1M: 12:XX:XX)

(IOS) Neuralgia pain originating in mandible (left) extending to left ear. (107,m, 1M: 12:XX: XX)

Slight pain left temple extending under left eye. (107,m, 1M: 17:XX: XX)

Slight pain left temple. (107,m, 1M: 18:XX: XX)

(R0S) Spots and pimples on face chin and around mouth - left side. (103, f, 200: 16:XX: XX)

Tenderness left cheek - as if scratched. Sharp boring pain in bone of left lower jaw (changes to stinging). Moved to front lower teeth. (104,f, 30: 21: XX: XX)

(ROS) Sharp boring pain in bone of left lower jaw. Moved to front lower teeth. (104,f, 30: 21:XX: XX)

(ROS) Sinus like pains - sinus area feels tender, jawbone hurts when mouth opens wide. (110,f, 1M: 22:XX:XX)

Dry wart like eruption corner of mouth right side. Raised, red, not sore, (at same time as right nostril sore). (104,f, 30: 29:XX: XX)

Left eyebrow outer edge - sore and tender, concomitant to sharp pain cheek bone (left). (104,f, 30: 41:XX: XX)

Left lip, upper, swollen and sore. Face symptoms left sided. (104,f, 30: 42:XX: XX)

Face symptoms in clusters around time of ovulation. (104,f, 30: XX: XX: XX)


Dribbling while asleep. (104,f, 30: 00:02:30)

I occasionally experience a tingling sensation in the mouth around 7.30 pm last night was around 10pm. (107,m, 1M: 01: XX: XX)

Lips sore and dry and tingly. (110,f, 1M: 08:XX: XX)

Slight soreness inside mouth left side. (104,f, 30: 21:XX: XX)

Mouth dry. (107,m, 1M: 21: XX: XX)

Dry wart like eruption corner of mouth right side. Raised, red, not sore, (at same time as right nostril sore) (104,f, 30: 29:XX: XX)

Upper gum sore and feels swollen. (104,f, 30: 42:XX: XX)

Left lip, upper, swollen and sore. Face symptoms left sided. (104, f, 30: 42:XX: XX: XX)

Cold sore left corner. (110,f, 1M: 44:XX: XX)


Sour, juicy taste. (104,f, 30: 00:00:15)

No bad taste in mouth on waking, which is unusual (which continued through the proving) - curative symptom. (107,m, 1M: 01: XX: XX)

Intensely aware of metallic taste of fillings. (104,f, 30: 03:XX: XX)


Sticking sensation in top left molars. (104,f, 30: 03:XX: XX)

(R0S) Slight toothache while chewing food. (101, m, 1M: 08:XX: XX)

Great sensitivity of teeth to heat and cold. (102, m, 6: 08:XX:XX)

The sensitivity in the teeth has intensified in the afternoon not eating or drinking great pain in the teeth on right hand side extending upwards to a bad pain in the forehead by the hairline. (102, m, 6: 08: XX: XX)

Toothache much of the day. (101,m,1M: 11:XX: XX)

(ROS) Gums bleeding while cleaning teeth. (103, f, 200: 12:XX: XX)

Toothache while eating lasted five minutes. (101, m, 1M: 14:XX: XX)

(R0S) Sharp boring pain in bone of left lower jaw. Moved to front lower teeth. (104,f, 30: 21:XX: XX)

(R0S) Slight toothache - intermittent half an hour - then stopped couple of hours - then started again. (101, m, 1M: 23:XX: XX)


Sore, loose catarrh - need to clear throat a lot half an hour every morning. (101, m, 1M: 04:XX: XX)

Sore, scratchy throat. (103, f, 200: 04:XX: XX)

Had to keep clearing throat, feels as if will get blocked up. Watery catarrh running down throat, (110,f, 1M: 06:XX: XX)

Croaky throat after eating evening meal - repeated clearing, no expectoration. (101, m, 1M: 06:XX: XX)

Red patch appeared on throat, left side, feels burning to touch. Need to swallow a lot of saliva. Feel as if two frogs have taken up residence. (110,f, 1M: 06:XX: XX)

Sore throat nearly disappeared. (110,f, 1M: 07:XX: XX)

Catarrhal evening. (103, f, 200: 55:XX: XX)

Sore throat. (110,f, 1M: 55:XX: XX)


Swollen sub maxillary gland left side. Painful on swallowing. (104,f, 30: 42:XX: XX)


Pain (indigestion) left hand side. (100, f, 6: 00:XX: XX)

Pain worse for eating (100, f, 6: 00:XX: XX)

Hungry all the time, for anything, snacking all day. (100, f, 6: 00:XX: XX)

(R0S) Mild indigestion - slight burning sensation in oesophagus after eating. (107,m, 1M: 00:XX: XX)

(R0S) Less hungry, yet when I eat I enjoy it immensely. (107,m, 1M, 00:XX: XX)

Pangs of hunger while walking - very unusual as not normally hungry till afternoon. Increased appetite generally during proving. (104,f, 30: 02:XX: XX)

Nausea felt above umbilicus and throat but not in stomach. (104,f, 30: O6: XX: XX)

(R0S) Indigestion after eating, morning. (107,m, 1M: 08:XX:XX)

(R0S) Mild indigestion worse for cereal, morning. (107,m, 1M: 09:XX: XX)

Woke at 5.30 am with severe heartburn better for standing upright. Food and drink have no effect. (103, f, 200: 13: XX: XX)

(R0S) Slight indigestion better for eating apples. (107,m, 1M: 17:XX: XX)

(R0S) Slight indigestion eating, feeling of nausea and bloatedness. (107,m, 1M: 19:XX: XX)

Intense nausea while walking. (104,f, 30: 21:XX: XX)

Indigestion worse for bread. (107,m, 1M: 21:XX: XX)

Stomach upset, bloated, quite painful. (110,f, 1M: 36:XX: XX)

Tummy upset on and off toilet - explosive stools. (110,f, 1M: 37:XX: XX)

Bowels not as bad as before not as aggressive. (110,f, 1M: 38:XX: XX)


(R0S) Fleeting pain along bikini line - scar tissue. Had an operation in 1979. Pain appeared in the last 18 months. (103, f, 200: 00:XX: XX)

Pain just beneath ribs, at the bottom, left side. Intermittent. A round pain in one spot. The size of an apple. (103, f, 200: 03:XX: XX)

(ROS) Waistline very itchy and red - across front abdomen (this symptom repeated several times in proving) - itching either on back or abdomen but never both at the same time. (104,f, 30: 05:XX: XX)

(R0S) Sharp throbbing pain right pubic bone (site of old cyst). (104,f, 30: 11: XX: XX)


Bowel movement loose and spluttering (until 00: 08:30). (103, f, 200: 00:01: 20)

(R0S) Haemorrhage - bright red blood from the bowel. (102, m, 6: 10:XX:XX)

Bowel movements a lot better than they were before the remedy (curative). (103, f, 200: 31:XX: XX)


Urinating more than normal. (107,m, 1M: 00:XX: XX)


Lost a lot of blood - colour reddish brown - in between period. (110,f, 1M: 09:XX: XX)

Period started suddenly without any warning - flow started with flooding (usually would have slight show for first few hours.) (104,f, 30: 11:XX: XX)

Felt full of energy day of the start of period (usually tired and drained). (104,f, 30: 11: XX: XX)

No aching or snappiness with the children - surprised. (110,f, 1M: 19:XX: XX)

(R0S) Aching pain over right ovary, morning after coition. (103, f, 200: 20:XX: XX)

Green/yellow leucorrhoea with small lumps. (103, f, 200: 20:XX: XX)

Pain gone by afternoon, discharge less during the day. (103, f, 200: 20:XX: XX)

Menses pain - stabbing, sore lower abdomen, waking with the symptoms. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)


Voice loss (lower respiratory tract infection) steadily worsened. Cant talk but want to talk to people. Painless. Frustrated with it. (103, f, 200: 48:XX: XX)


Voice getting deep and very hoarse. (110,f, 1M: 06:XX: XX)

Voice loss (lower respiratory tract infection) steadily worsened. Cant talk but want to talk to people. Painless. Frustrated with it. (103, f, 200: 48:XX: XX)

Feel as if two frogs have taken up residence. (110,f, 1M: 06:XX: XX)


Shortness of breath, in bed; with feelings of chaos and losing control. (104,f, 30: 22:XX: XX)


In the night woke with a bad coughing fit. (110,f, 1M: 03:XX: XX)

Cough and sore throat deep down. Hurts when I cough. (110,f, 1M: 06:XX: XX)

Coughing - soreness deep in throat and then later in the day moves to roof of mouth. (110,f, 1M: 07:XX: XX)

A lot of coughing - very chesty. Small amounts of phlegm coming up to the back of the throat. (110,f, 1M: 08:XX: XX)

Cough returned at night for one and a half hours. (110,f, 1M: 19:XX: XX)

Cough dry, tickling, returned at night for two hours. (110,f, 1M: 25:XX: XX)

Cough, worse evening, deep, barking, hurts mid chest. Productive after a hot drink. (103, f, 200: 48:XX: XX)

Chesty cough. (110,f,1M: 58:XX:XX)


Itching outer edge left breast. (104,f, 30: 00:00:15)

Itching outer edge left breast and then an hour later outer edge right breast. (104,f, 30: 04:XX: XX)

Stitching pains outer edge right breast lasts one to two seconds. (104,f, 30: 12:XX: XX)

Right breast patch (1 by 3/4) dry, rough flaky, pink skin, extending from nipple to armpit, itching on and off. (104,f, 30: 15:XX: XX)

Stitching pains first in outer left breast and then right breast. (104,f 30: 26:XX: XX)

Respiratory tract infection. Congested feeling in circumscribed area (round/ pain sensation) size of a plum a few days ago; but now size of a grapefruit. Central, behind sternum. Cough, worse evening, deep, barking, hurts mid chest Productive after a hot drink. (103, f, 200: 48:XX: XX)

Sensation as if lump between sternum and clavicle now size of an orange worse after large meal. Comes and goes, night in bed 11-12pm. (103, f, 200: 53:XX: XX)


Pain lower back, left of spine. (103, f, 200: 00:05:00)

Sensation as if cold at the back of the neck. Intense. Had to put scarf around the neck. (103, f, 200: 00:08:15)

Felt very unusually stiff in the evening after a long, hard Tai Chi lesson. Lower back very stiff. (101, m, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

(R0S) Itchy across lower back (repeated several times in proving see abdomen). (104,f,30: 02:XX:XX)

(R0S) Stiff shoulders early morning. (101, m, 1M: 03:XX: XX)

Sensation as if cold - back of neck, sensation as if wearing a damp collar. Extends to shoulders. (103, f, 200: 03:XX: XX)

Left shoulder mildly stiff - no reason. (104,f, 30: 05:XX: XX)

(R0S) Itchy across lower back - with raised bumpy eruption, little pimples like fleabites. (104,f, 30: 06:XX: XX)

Sharp pain left lower buttock while walking. (104,f, 30: 10:XX: XX)

Sharp pain right side of neck. (104,f, 30: 10:XX: XX)

Very sharp pain right lumbar area while standing. (104,f, 30: 13:XX: XX)

Pain in right buttock extending down to upper thigh worse for standing up and moving around. (104,f, 30: 18:XX: XX)

Cold and damp feeling around the neck hung around for a while but now gone. (103, f, 200: 55:XX: XX)

Itching lower back - sometimes with eruption, sometimes without. (104,f, 30: XX: XX: XX)

(I0S) Back felt very bad - had to sit down better for rest. (109,f, 200: XX: XX: XX)

Extending to neck and shoulders - ache deep in muscles. (109,f, 200: XX: XX: XX)


Heavy legged at work (postman) even though it was a light work day. (101, m, 1M: 00:XX: XX)

Slight pins and needles of toes on both feet on rising. (103, f, 200: 00:02:15)

Pain left thigh similar to cramp. Anterior muscles. Worse walking up a hill better for walking on flat level ground. (103, f, 200: 00:06:15)

Hands very cold, while eating, especially left hand changed to cool, as if wet and a breeze flowing over it. (This symptom repeated a number of times over first few days- sometimes worse on the right hand). (104,f, 30: 00:12:45)

Left arm: tight band like feeling round the elbow, as if had been bent for a long time and would get pins and needles. (104,f, 30: 00:12:45)

(ROS) Front shins itchy and dry - want to scratch a lot. No eruption. (This symptom repeated a number of times during proving - sometimes only left or right.) Voluptuous itching, must scratch almost pleasurable. (104,f, 30, 00:13:45)

Legs feel heavy after a long hard Tai Chi session. (101, m, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

Left hand icy cold while doing paper work. (104, f,30: 02:XX: XX)

Itching - strong - lower section left index finger. (104,f,30: 02:XX: XX)

(R0S) Arthritis flared up - top metatarsal joint, second little toe, left foot. (103, f, 200: 03:XX: XX)

(ROS) Slight pain left shinbone. (103, f, 200: 04:XX: XX)

(ROS) Pins and needles both feet, top at base of toes and top of first part of toes. (103, f, 200: 05:XX: XX)

Itching inner left calf. (104,f, 30: 05:XX: XX)

(R0S) Feet stiff and itchy after sitting down. (103, f, 200: 06:XX: XX)

Aching in muscles of upper and lower arms, worse right side, as if muscles bruised. Worse stretching arms out straight. (104,f, 30, 06:XX: XX)

Itching ball right foot - had to wriggle foot in shoe to relieve. (104,f, 30: 06:XX: XX)

Left foot, middle toe, itching like mad. No better for scratching. (104,f, 30: 06:XX: XX)

As hands warm up from being very cold, tips of right fingers quite painful, like frostbite melting out. (104,f, 30: 07:XX: XX)

(ROS) Feet sore and aching after getting up from sitting position. (103, f, 200: 09:XX: XX)

Aching in bend of right elbow - feel as if would cut off blood supply if bent elbow for more than a few seconds. (104,f, 30: 10:XX: XX)

Tenderness right upper arm worse pressing, worse walking sharp pain right shoulder joint. (104,f, 30: 10:XX: XX)

Skin on fingertips, especially thumbs and forefingers - rough and sore and cracked especially down outside forefingers. Right worse than left top of right thumb cracked and sore. (110,f, 1M: 10:XX: XX)

Back left lower calf itching - must scratch. (104,f, 30: 11:XX: XX)

Itching on left knee and right elbow simultaneously. (104,f, 30: 14:XX: XX)

Cracked dry heels both feet like sandpaper, rough. (110,f, 1M: 14:XX: XX)

(I0S) Psoriasis on right elbow spreading down lower arm. Rougher, pinker, drier than usual. (104,f, 30: 15:XX: XX)

Two tiny pinprick marks 1/2 cm. apart between thumb and wrist left hand - very itchy. Reminds me of a bite from something with two very sharp teeth. (104,f, 30: 15:XX: XX)

Intensified soreness in finger and thumb. (110,f, 1M: 15:XX: XX)

Finger and thumb beginning to heal up. (110,f, 1M: 17:XX: XX)

Stinging sensation front of both thighs. (104,f, 30: 17:XX: XX)

Stinging palms both hands, left palm worse. (104,f, 30: 17:XX: XX)

Small spot on little finger right, itchy, sore, fingers looked puffy. Middle finger felt stiff - cannot bend properly - with itching. All knuckles hurt. (110,f, 1M: 20:XX: XX)

Prickling sensation on thighs. (104,f, 30: 20:XX: XX)

Bony spur that has developed for the past year (joint on big toe, right) has gone - cured symptom. (103, f, 200: 21:XX: XX)

Boring pain tip of fingers 1 and 2, left hand. (104,f, 30: 21:XX:XX)

Joints feel stiff - okay when I keep going - difficulty to get into car. (110,f, 1M: 37: XX: XX)

Cracks on heels sore and bad. (110,f, 1M: 44:XX: XX)

Soreness behind knees, very itchy, dry, likes eczema. (110,f, 1M: 51:XX: XX)

Feel like legs made of lead. Feel like my ankles are weak - it is my ankles that ache so much - tiredness at bottom of legs. (110,f, 1M: 52:XX: XX)

Still the same sensation of aching going down. (110.f, 1M: 53:XX: XX)

(I0S) Pain in shoulder, rheumatic, achy, twisting - as if been gardening. Damp cold type of pain - deep inside joint. (109,f, 200: XX: XX: XX)

Itching, stinging, fleeting, intense (i.e. moving around) - lots of symptoms through proving. Pinpricks moving around, all over body. Better for scratching, but pops up somewhere else, other times no better for scratching. So many itches I cant keep up with recording them all. No eruptions lasted all day. (104,f, 30: XX: XX: XX)


Woke up very refreshed which is very unusual (107,m, 1M: 00:XX: XX)

Didn't sleep well woke up 5-6 times but only awake approximately 5 minutes each time. (101, m, 1M: 00:XX: XX)

Very sound night's sleep much better than recently- curative. (104, f,30 01:XX: XX)

Slept very well, the first time I can remember without waking. Feel refreshed after sleep. (107,m,1M: 01: XX: XX)

Waking during the night 2 am, 3.45 am, - sense of going back to sleep quite quickly. (110,f, 1M: 04:XX: XX)

Woke 5 times from 1 am - got up at 6 am. (110,f,1M: 05:XX: XX)

Awoke 3 times in the night. (110,f, 1M: 06: XX: XX)

Awoke 4 times in the night approximately every two hours. (110,f, 1M: 07:XX: XX)

Went to bed around 9.30 pm. and slept till 9.3O am. - I woke at 3am and was sleepless for half an hour, then slept well till 9.3O am. (102, m, 6: 08:XX: XX)

Very strong desire to sleep in the evening, desperate to close my eyes. Very tired sleep for 1 1/2 hours. (110,f, 1M: 13:XX: XX)

Woke every hour. (110,f, 1M: 18:XX: XX)

Disturbed sleep, only slept for 4-5 hours. Mind active and agitated on waking. (107,m, 1M: 19:XX:XX)

Sleep restless. Tossed and turned. End of day - heavy head, tireless again, restless; dont want to go to bed. (110,f, 1M: 25:XX: XX)

Woke unrefreshed. (100, f,6: XX:XX:XX)

(I0S) Sleep pattern beginning to be disturbed. Dont feel sleepy until 3-4 am. -tired of it. Despite this still have energy. (109,f, 200: XX: XX: XX)

(I0S) Feel tired but cant sleep when I go to bed - I could have stayed up but made myself go to bed. (109, f, 200: XX: XX: XX)

Six hours uninterrupted sleep (first time since proving). (110,f, 1M: 40:XX: XX)


Feels very cold internally in a warm room, sensation as if started with a cold. (103, f, 200: 01:XX: XX)


Copious hot sweat all night. (102, m, 6: 06:XX: XX)


Fleeting pinprick stinging sensations - left side - left big toe, outer edge left nose, outer edge left breast, while in bed. (104,f, 30: 00:00:15)

2 hours after first remedy - rash. From elbow to inside wrist - slight red rash right side. After sleep it had gone. (109,f, 200: 00:02:00)

In bed - stinging sensations - left jaw, right lower shin, back, right wrist. (104,f, 30: 00:02:30)

Stinging itchy pinpricks - right sided mainly. One at a time, fleeting, played a game guessing where next one would appear. (104,f,30: 00:16:15)

Small patch of skin rash on right cheek - raised individual spots - like eczema. (110,f, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

Skin on fingertips, especially thumbs and forefingers - rough and sore and cracked especially down outside forefingers. Right worse than left top of right thumb cracked and sore. (110,f,1M: 10:XX: XX)

Crawling sensation (hands and face). (104,f, 30: 12:XX: XX)

Intensified soreness in finger and thumb. (110,f, 1M: 15:XX: XX)

Finger and thumb beginning to heal up. (110,f, 1M: 17:XX: XX)

Small spot on little finger right, itchy, sore, fingers looked puffy. Middle finger felt stiff - cannot bend properly - with itching. All knuckles hurt. (110,f, 1M: 20:XX: XX)

Itching, stinging, fleeting, intense (i.e. moving around) - lots of symptoms through the proving. Pinpricks moving around, all over the body. Better for scratching, but pops up somewhere else, other times no better for scratching. So many itches I cant keep up with recording them all. No eruptions lasted all day. (104,f, 30: XX: XX: XX)


Unusually tired all day. (101, m, 1M: 00:XX: XX)

Brighter since 6 pm. More alert and awake. (101, m, 1M: 00:XX: XX)

No appetite or thirst all day (continues through proving). (110,f, 1M: 01:XX:XX)

Inexhaustible reserve of energy. (11O,f, 1M: 01:XX: XX)

Lack of tiredness, bubbly no stress. (110,f, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

No appetite or thirst all day. (110,f, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

Felt very tired generally late evening. (101, m, 1M: 02:XX: XX)

After a beer felt intoxicated as if I had drunk 5 or 6 beers - strange. (102, m, 6: 03:XX: XX)

Very tired morning - better late afternoon early evening. (101, m, 1M: 03:XX: XX)

Lethargic in the morning. (101, m, 1M: 04:XX: XX)

Craving; milky Horlicks (desperate for - lasted several days), fresh orange juice (104,f, 30: 05:XX: XX)

Craved Coca cola, but didnt enjoy as much as I expected I would. (104,f, 30: 06:XX: XX)

Very tired after driving 6 hours during the day - mid evening. (101, m, 1M: 06:XX: XX)

Internal coldness, with nausea. (104,f, 30: 06:XX: XX)

Felt more energetic, lively than usual in the afternoon. (101, m,1M: 07:XX: XX)

Energy still high but sounding worse in voice. (11O,f,1M: 07:XX: XX)

Looked pale. (110,f,1M: 08:XX: XX)

Craving butter. (104,f,30: 08:XX: XX)

(ROS) Craving jam and peanut butter. (104,f, 30: 08:XX: XX)

Desires oranges and chocolate biscuits (Days 2-9). (110,f, 1M: 09: XX: XX)

Wanted more heat - heating on all night. (110,f, 1M: 09:XX: XX)

Very tired in the afternoon went to bed and slept 1 1/2 hours - felt refreshed afterwards. (101, m, 1M: 09:XX: XX)

Tired in the morning went to bed in afternoon dozed for about an hour - not refreshed. (101, m, 1M: 10:XX: XX)

Very tired in the evening after a day out to the seaside. (101, m, 1M: 11:XX: XX)

Must eat oranges 1.30 am. (110,f, 1M: 13:XX: XX)

(I0S) Desire chocolate. (104,f, 30: 13:XX: XX)

Craving coffee (longing). (104,f, 30: 14:XX: XX)

Think I am putting on weight. (104,f, 30: 16:XX: XX)

Tired 8-9 pm. (101, m, 1M: 19:XX: XX)

Physical and emotional symptoms intense just before and during full moon. (104,f, 30: 21:XX: XX)

Feeling cold, chilly - under the duvet at 7.30 pm. (110,f, 1M: 22:XX: XX)

Very chilly, central heating on and open fire on. (110,f, 1M: 23:XX: XX)

First day without an orange. Appetite picking up a bit. (110,f, 1M: 24:XX: XX)

Thirst returning. (110,f, 1M: 25:XX: XX)

Feeling travel sick - after 2 minutes, in the car. (11O,f, 1M: 27:XX: XX)

Feeling very sleepy early evening and wanting to go to bed, but by midnight Im wide awake and wanting to do things for another hour (lasted a few days). (104,f, 30: 27:XX: XX)

Very cold inside while lying down. Having to jiggle my body to keep warm. (104,f, 30: 28:XX: XX)

Fed up with lack of energy - could not take the dog for a walk - could not physically do it. (110,f, 1M: 28:XX: XX)

Desire for oranges returned - had two today. (110,f, 1M: 30:XX: XX)

Better for lying down - not sleepy. (11O,f, 1M: 30:XX: XX)

No energy reserves any more: once used up nothing to fall back on. (110,f, 1M: 31:XX: XX)

Want hot drinks, (110,f, 1M: 31:XX: XX)

Tired. (11O,f, 1M: 34: XX: XX)

Low energy this afternoon. (11O,f, 1M: 35:XX: XX)

Energy really low. (110,f, 1M: 36:XX: XX)

Tired and aching: joints stiff when asleep, lethargic. (110,f, 1M: 40:XX: XX)

Aching and creaking on getting up from sitting or lying for 2 days. Really creaky like an old woman. (104,f, 30: 41:XX: XX)

Wandering pains. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Could point directly to location of pain. (100, f,6: XX: XX: XX)

Pain both sides of body. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Left sided pains. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Feel cold - lasts 3 days. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Dress - covered up. (100, f, 6: XX: XX: XX)

Physical symptoms come and go in clusters i.e. lots for 2-3 days, then none for a few days. (104,f, 30, XX: XX: XX)

Symptoms appear and disappear suddenly. (104,f, 30, XX: XX: XX)

Symptoms one sided - either left or right. Some started on left and then experienced on the right. (104,f, 30, XX: XX: XX)

No appetite - eating out of habit. (109,f, 200, XX: XX: XX)

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