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A Repetorization of Anthracinum


Some people have an aversion to using things that are filthy because they can only think of the material substance; generally think of them as eating them. Rest assured that when an individual is about to die, the idea of it being filthy goes out of his mind. This medicine comes in and stands between life and death. This remedy is made from the bloody serum of spleen from cattle with anthrax.

Much of interest involved in the study of this nosode; it destroys sheep, cattle, and horses. Anthracinum, a zymotic disease, a blood poison having in its nature qualities resembling diphtheria, erysipelas gangrene; scarlet fever tending to gangrene. We get effects on human beings by vaccinations. Malignant carbuncles, malignant pustules in man are similar to the Anthrax disease in man. You will see the analogy of the symptoms but not of the pathology when reading of them in animals and viewing the diseases. We have symptoms but no provings of it; but as we have studied from diseases it has been from the dynamic plane and not that of nutrition. Simply retain the symptoms and throw away the pathology and you have the disease.

Smarting, burning, stinging accompanied the pathology, burning like a core of fire. In thinking of the carbuncle, we think of the pathology; in thinking of the burning, we think of the symptoms. Gangrenous state in cattle and blackness of parts. Eruption in parts, carbuncle, fistulous oozing, burning like fire; bloody pus; oozing of bloody watery flow. This gives us some idea of the dreadful effects of this dreadful disease.

Blood poisoning from vaccination, inocculous from poisonous hives; malignant pustules appear and the man soon dies. Anthracinum will cure the disease in a large number of instances. Black circle around the carbuncle; burning like fire; the part itself dead like a saphacelus; slough black, dead, hard like dried beef, burns like a core of fire, such a state from blood poisoning; conditions where the whole economy is overwhelmed; dies from being benumbed.

In a gangrenous limb where there is good and healthy reaction, the gangrenous part is separated by slough, a line of demarcation, this requires reaction, if reaction does not come it means that the whole economy is benumbed, the gangrene spreads towards the center. Natural healing is attended by a suppurative process.

Intense heat which destroys cell life and vital force, that burns out the internal cavity. When pus cavities form, there is a tendency to reaction; it is an evidence of health. When inoculated from the sheep tendency to carbonize all over the body, small vesicles at the beginning, black, and followed by chill. Nothing else looks like this, malignant pustule and looks only like Anthracinum. This is a specific poison, a kind of its own, with a tendency to produce carbuncles. Little knotty dead formations, no bigger than the end of finger, black and dead, burning like coals of fire, black filled with blood dried down. You wonder how a piece of tissue can die so suddenly. Chill, rigor, it seems as if he would die; no line of demarcation about the dead tissue. Anthr. CM was given; reaction followed and he recovered.

ANTHRACINUM (1894,1895)

Carbuncle that begins at base of brain or on the back near spine, over shoulders, nape of neck; it spreads, burns, opens with multiple openings or does not open at all, patches as large as your hand. Rigors
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