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Bowel Nosodes
For those of you who are interested in the bowel nosodes I offer the following:-

They are prepared from cultures of non-lactose fermenting flora of the intestinal tract. First isolated in 1880 by a bacteriologist - Eberth. Bach did much work on them from a homeopathic point of view. Started to prepare vaccines from dead cultures and treating patients with injections. In 1919 he joined the London Homeopathic Hospital as a bacteriologist and started potentising bacteria a year later. I think some provings were carried out in 1929 and then he concentrated on the Flower Rx. In 1928 Elisabeth and John Patterson did much work on the nosodes and did a protracted programme of provings and clinical trials.

Morgan (pure) = Patterson;
Morgan Gaertner = Patterson;
Gaertner = Bach;
Proteus = Bach;
Dysentry Compound = Bach;
Sycotic Compound = Patterson;
Mutabile = Bach;
Faecalis = Bach;
Baccilus No. 7 and 10 = Patterson.

These are deep acting remedies from the highest mental to the lowest physical. They can be used at any time IF THE PICTURE FITS.

Where there is a group of remedies indicated but no clear picture of any - if the group of remedies is related to a bowel nosode than that nosode can be given to help clarify the picture. Can also be given when the indicated remedy fails - they may unblock.

Bowel nosodes can take up to 3 months before they take full effect. After 4-6 weeks the picture should start to get clearer. It is generally thought that you do not prescribe another bowel nosode or repeat within 3 months. They can be prescribed sometimes specifically for antibiotic poisoning (Gaertner + Morgan), skin drugs will need Morgan, digestive drugs will need Proteus.

They are not often used under 30c although Patterson used 6. It is considered that 30 and 200 are the best potencies to use. In children it is best not to go above 30, unless you have a good reason to, on the first prescription.

There is a wonderful little book called A Treatise On Bowel Nosodes, by Dr V. R. Agrawal (1981) - it might still be available especially from Indian book publishers.

Looks dark, pale, puffy, heavy closed eyelids, tense and tired, mental fatigue, unfit for any mental effort = physical exhaustion, even the thought of it, Angio-neurotic oedema, retinal bleeding, catarrhal deafness, tonsillitis and quinsy, asthma, bronchial catarrh, tough sticky mucous which is difficult to raise, < 2am (Kali Carb associate remedy). Stiff neck 'cracks like a nut', fibrositis of neck and shoulders, spinal osteo-arthritis, backache > heat and rest < damp and cold and on beginning to move, slow pulse, lowered blood pressure, faint when standing long, excessive perspiration, averse fat, eructations and flatulence, pain in liver region, digestive Sx related to lack of nerve and muscle tone, sense of fullness after food, swollen thyroid, rheumatoid arthritis, blood vessels burst in fingers, joints swollen and painful, pain shoots up and down, left hip fixed, rheumatic nodules anywhere, feeble urine flow, loss of sexual function, constipation and hemorrhoids, sensitive to colds and drafts and cold damp air, sleeps light, wakes 2-3 am, skin has lots of cracks, hot and scaly skin. Other associated remedies = Ars. Iod; Brom; Calc.Iod; Ferrum Iod; Iodum; Kali Bich; Kali Brom; Kali Iod; Kali. Nit; Merc. Iod; Nat. Iod.

Fair, florid, dark, pale, anxious and active, irritable and depressed, H/A forehead and left eye, catarrh, spongy gums, halitosis, fatty cysts on neck, asthma, cough < morning, sputum difficult to raise, averse egg and bread tomatoes and tea, desires sweets and chocs and fried fish, anorexic, nausea and vomiting, gall bladder pain, tender coccyx, rheumatism of thigh and left knee, frequent urination pruritis vulvae, leucorrhea greenish, flesh round groin raw, pain left and right iliac fossa, bowels sluggish moves only in morning, warts on hands flat or pointed, ringworm. associated remedies = Aralia; Calc. Phos; Kali Bich; Nat. Sulph; sepia; Thuja.

Unlike the other bowel nosodes Dys. Co. is unable to form gas, it only forms acid. Has a special action on the nervous system, the heart and the duodenum. It is sometimes called the heart nosode. Thin, fair hair, dark lashes, pale skin, tense and nervous, full of fears, shy, lacks confidence, apprehensive, worries, blush easily, claustrophobia, face looks anxious, fear of the future, sensitive to criticism, carry much on their shoulders, hypersensitive, lack initiative, feeble powers of concentration, they are impatient because they fear they cannot accomplish the task, lose the power to relax, very restless, fears felt in cars, buses, lifts, fear of thunder and storms, wants to be alone but fears being alone, brain fag, depressed and tired gets worn out with the stress, fidgets all the time, H/A over eyes or vertex, periodic H/A (every 7-14 days), blinding H/A, scalp painful, anemia, bluish pallor, twitching muscles, eye inflammations, colors and spots before the eyes, hay fever, frequent nose colds, enlarged thyroid, recurrent tonsillitis, pertussis like cough, desires sweets milk fat and salt, indigestion > eating, distension, heartburn, nausea morning on waking, acrid vomiting, thirst > cold drinks but < stomach Sx, > lying down, wakes at midnight-1 am with acute stomach pain > vomiting, duodenal ulcers, palpitations with fears, valvular heart disease, menses irregular, morning diarrhea with burning, diarrhea and constipation alternate, bruises and bleeds easily, has trouble sleeping, sudden shock whilst sleeping, herpes and scaly eruptions, flat warts, gummy discharge, dry brittle hair, cold and chilly > warmth, > air and space, perspire easily, < 3-6 am. associated remedies = Anacardium; Arg. Nit; Ars. Alb; Cad. Met; Kalm; Verat. Alb; Verat. Vir.

Keynote here is nutrition, thought to be the 'children's nosode'. Fair, blue eyes, freckles, pale, long dark eyelashes, nervous < alone, intelligent, excitable, irritable, bites nails, hypersensitive, overactive brain with undernourished body or underdeveloped, sty's, discharging ears with every cut tooth, catarrh, deep fissures in tongue, bronchial colds, desires oats cheese eggs milk sugar and sweets, averse bread butter meat and fish, vomits < after sweets, H/A with vomiting - great action on digestive system good for kids fed on 'artificial' diets, cannot digest fat, rheumatism shoulders < night, chilblains hands in winter, soles of feet covered with blisters, blood and mucous in urine, diarrhea every few weeks, thread worms, wants company and light to sleep, sleep walks, not afraid of dark but has night terrors. Associated remedies = Calc. Flour; Calc. Phos; Calc. Sil; Kali. Phos; Merc. Viv; Nat. Phos; Nat. Sil; Phos; Phyto; Puls; Sil; Syph; Zinc. Phos.

Florid, red lips and cheeks, portly build, tense, active, weepy, depressed, irritable, introspective, anxious about state of health, avoids company, fears crowds, suicidal tendency, H/A frontal occipital and vertex, migraines every week, H/A < heat and thundery weather, hairy face, acne, lids granular, sty's, catarrhal deafness, sinus problems, post nasal catarrh, cracks in skin of face, burning tongue, tongue coated slimy and dry, warts on tongue, enlarged thyroid, throat dry and burning, bronchitis every winter, n.b.w.s. bronchitis, nasal congestion, fibroids neck back shoulders, desires fat sweets eggs and butter but << eggs and butter, burning eructations, pains in liver and gall bladder, gall stones, jaundice, congestion of gastric mucous, bilious attacks with severe H/A > vomiting, not much appetite but has to eat at 11 am, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, easy bruising, fingers swollen, arms puffy and stiff, pain in soles of feet, urine corrosive and contains sugar, fibroid and uterine polyps, thickening skin with deep cracks, bleeding and moist eczema < heat washing and wool. Associated remedies = Alum; Bar. Carb; Calc. Carb; Calc. Sulph; Carbo Veg; Carbo Sulph; Digitalis; Ferrum Carb; Graphites; Kali Carb; Mag Carb; Med; Nat. Carb; Petr; Psor; Sep; Sulph; Tub.

The picture is nearly that of Lycopodium. Irritable, quick tempered, impatient, tense, nervous, restless, weepy depressed, jealous, fears crowds excitement and company, claustrophobic, bites nails, flushed face, loses hair, herpetic eruptions left side face, sty's and cysts on lids, nasal and post nasal catarrh, bitter and bad taste in mouth, pins and needles in tongue, ticklish coughs, recurrent tonsillitis, palpitations at night which waken > eructations flatus and moving about, desires sweets salt eggs meat hot food, averse to fat eggs meat, flatulent indigestion excessive eructations, sourness, vomiting after food, duodenal ulcers, distended feeling, pain right and left hypochondria and epigastrium, pain in gall bladder, right sided rheumatics, renal colic, irritable before menses, constipation - stool is hard and dry, itching painful piles, cannot sleep but drowsy after food, night terrors - shouts in sleep, many skin eruptions - psoriasis vesicles warts urticaria shingles, everything < 4-8 pm. Associated remedies = Chel; Chen; Hell; Hep. Sulph; Lach; Lyc; Merc. Sulph; Sang; Tarax.

Brain storm characterizes this remedy. Suddenness of onset is strong Sx. Effect the nervous system, nervous tension, temper tantrums, can become violent with no control, kicks and throws objects, face goes red and the eyes bulge, ailments from long term stress and strain, averse to company, tense irritable and depressed, mentally stubborn and unresponsive, ailments are also intractable, background of emotional tension in the family, loners but do not like to be ignored, H/A frontal < before menses, H/A in am, migraines with blurred vision, stuffed nose indoors, cracks in corner of mouth, bronchitis with much rattling mucous, averse butter pork eggs, desires fat sweets salt butter eggs but << eggs, acid heartburn, sourness not > eating, digestive Sx secondary to nervous Sx, hands feel dead and burn at night, contraction of palms and fingers, cramps in calves, feet feel frozen, burning urethra, constipation s.a.i. ball in bowel, very itchy piles, sensitive skin - boils and herpes. Associated remedies = Amm. Mur; Aur. Mur; Apis; Bar. Mur; Borax; Conium; Cup. Met; Calc. Mur; Ferr. Mur; Ign; Kali. Mur; Mag. Mur; Nat. Mur; Secale.

Keynotes is irritability. Sallow puffy greasy skin, nervous, tense, cross, restless, sensitive to cold, bites nails, outbursts of temper, fear of dark and being left alone, fear of animals and dogs, infected sinus and mininges, persistent H/A every week, H/A left side lasts for weeks, throbbings > heat and rest < noise, H/A < menses, sweating of head at night, premature grey hair, face is puffy in the morning, malignant growth right cheek, eyes inflamed, deafness and excessive formation of wax, lots of nasal and post nasal catarrh, cracks around mouth, deep ulcers on tongue, external goitre, enlarged adenoids and tonsils, profuse mucous in throat in morning, asthma < damp, cough < 2-3 am, hard cough 2/4/6 am, croupy coughs, averse to eggs fat milk cream salt sugar veg tea vinegar cheese meat,<< egg = nausea, << fat onions oranges, desires butter fat cheese sweets milk salt, finicky appetite, acid flatulence, chronic irritation of whole alimentary canal, ankles swollen and stiff, feet restless at night in bed, uterine polyps, malignancy, impotency, pain left ovary at menses, has to stool on rising, restless sleep, night terrors, night perspiration < 12-4 am, wakes 2-3 am, dreams of dead bodies, catarrhs in all forms anywhere. Associated remedies = Antim. Tart; Ferrum Met; Nat. Sulph; Rhus. Tox; Thuja; Bacill.

There is not much information on Mutabile; Cocci; or Faecalis but the associated remedies are thus:- MUTABILE = Ferrum Phos; Kali Sulph; Puls. COCCI = Tub; Baccill. FAECALIS = Sepia
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