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The approach to Cancer

by Dr. Alva Irish

This is a paper about Leslie B. 38 years old. She came to me horrified and severely depressed with Stage 4 cancer that had metastitized into her lungs. Everyone told her she was dying. I gave her a metaphysical prayer healing immediately, as she put it, I spoke life over her. She immediately felt happy and that she was going to live. I told her that cancer, autism, drug abuse and the like I had to charge my old fee of $225 for because of all the extra time it took for the work. Sher said that was perfectly fine with her and proceeded.

She then did the questionnaire, mailed in the waiver with her hair and facial samples in a plastic baggie and waited until I got it and did the research. When I got it it took me approximately 5 days of solid all day and night research to find exactly what she needed and I made my prescription.

Here is what I told her:

Order the following remedies from Celletech Ltd 1-800-888-4066
Arnica montana 10M potency pellets 2 drams take one pellet 3 times per day until gone.
Ignatia amara 10 potency pellets 2 drams take one pellet 3 times a day until gone
Conium maculatun 6C potency 1 ounce pellets Take one pellet 3 times a day until gone
Kali phos "F" potency 1 ounce pellets take one pellet 3 times a day for 2 weeks then take one pellet when stressed.
Ruta Graviolens 6C Potency pellets 2 ounces take one pellet 3 times a day
Hydrastis 6C potency 2 ounces pellets Take one pellet 3 times a day One dose is one pellet.

Open one bottle and take the remedy ONE at a time. Do Not open more than one bottle at a time. Close the first bottle then go on to the second and so on. Pour the pellets into the cap, do not handle the pellets with your hands until you are ready to take them.

Order the following from Vitacost (800) 381-0759
Reservatrol 240 capsules
 TaKe 6 capsules a day. One bottle will last you 40 days. Buy enough for 6 months.

Buy Centium Silver multivitamins. Take for the rest of your life.

Beta carotine
 Take 20 per day. 1 bottle will last you 6 days. I need for you to be on this regimen for 3 months.

Essiac tea
Take as directed on box drink daily for 1 year.

Buffered C 1,000 mgs 240 capsules Take 4 in the AM and 4 in the PM one bottle will last you one month.
take this for the rest of your life.

Buy a Champion juicer. Juice 3 times a day every day for the rest of your life.

Stop eating all animal products. Become a Vegan. Except eat no CORN or WHEAT.

Take coffee enemas once daily.

Take colonics as often as you can afford them. You will see that parasites will come out in the tube. (She DID and was horrified!)

Leslie got a cat scan 1 week after this program and the cancer had stopped growing immediately. She had a another cat scan 6 months after this regimen and there is NO sign of cancer.

In that first week she cleaned her entire house. she said she felt better than she had ever felt and was so happy she was almost giddy.

Leslie has been cancer free for 5 years as of the writing of this paper

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