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Center for Mankind Foundation, Inc
Center for Mankind Foundation, Inc. was started because there was a desperate need for an ALTERNATIVE source for help with the devastating Incurable and Genetic Disease Symptoms. Traditional Medicine has been unable to alleviate them even with the use of more and more poisonous drugs, and most of those symptoms were not being helped by them at all!

This is an Organization which uses ONLY Alternative Medicine Therapies, such as Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Exercise, and Meditation. We are open to ALL Alternative methods of healing in order to Aggressively palliate or Eliminate the Symptoms and suffering of Genetic and So-called Incurable Disease Processes, whether Mental or Physical.

Our CEO, Dr. Alva Irish, was diagnosed with Erythropoetic proporphyria, and Angeoedema and told to "get her affairs in order". She was told that there was no cure for VP, that there was no treatment for it, and that she could never use any drug that was excreted by the liver.

This meant she could never take antibiotics, pain medications, no drugs at all! Since great pain is one of the symptoms of EPP, and she was no quitter, Dr. Irish finished her degrees in Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Divinity, gaining the Degrees of Ph.D., DHM, DN., and DD, won the coveted Silver Medal of Excellence in Homeopathy from Great Britain, and the right to use the letters FBIH. Using her training, she completely alleviates her own symptoms daily, and has dedicated her life to helping others do the same.

"I am the daughter of Col. Michael B. Bennet, a CIA operative (FOIA #F90-1065). In 1966, my Dad was the Bodyguard for Konrad Adenauer, the first Chancellor of Germany after World War II. When someone tried to assassinate Chancellor Adenauer, my Dad threw himself over the body to protect Him, and they were driven off to safety. For that Bravery, my Dad won the coveted "Pour Le Merit", also known as the "Blue Max" award. He was also the Head of the Bay of Pigs invasion, and saved many soldiers' lives when Kennedy left them all to Die.

I have both the Bloody Flag from the ship and the Blue Max on my wall at home.

It was my Father, a Real Hero that taught me "Nothing is Impossible"! My Father died in 1989. I Dedicate this Foundation and its works to His Memory.

I think he would have been proud."

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