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The following has implications for all epidemics:

I just now re-read John H. Clarke's little book on Cholera, Diarrhoea, and Dysentery, where he said that, "Cholera is a disease that needs treatment at the very first onset, and if the treatment is not forthcoming, the patient may die before a doctor can be procured.

It is analogous in this respect to cases of drowning or rupture of varicose veins; anybody on the spot who has coolness and intelligence is bound to do what can be done withoug waiting for a doctor's arrival. It is therefore of supreme improtance that all 'First Aid' graduates, and, indeed, all who hold responsible positions as employers or guardians of others, should know what homoeopathy has done and can do with such a scorge as cholera, that they may apply it at once should the emergency arise." He goes on to talk about a minister who distributed thousands of vials of tincture of camphor, including printed directions. Whenever it was given with the first symptoms, it was successful in arresting the disease.

Also, Clarke quoted a story of the plague and the philosopher at Damascus. "As the plague was entering the city he met a philosopher, and informed him that he had 3000 victims to carry off. As it happened, 6000 died, whereupon the sage expostulated with the demon of the epidemic: 'You said you had only THREE thousand victims,and you have taken SIX.' 'Oh! no,' was the reply, 'I only killed 3000; FEAR killed the rest.'"

(Homeopathy can help here too, of course, with fear, fright, and trauma.)
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