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Homeopathy has been around since the 1700's. I won't bother you with the details, here, because my article, "Homeopathy Explained" covers it all.

 I will be glad top FAX or E this article to anyone who requests it.

Since Bi-Polar Disorders and Depression exhibit very strong "Rubrics" or symptoms, it is a fairly easy chore for me to do the Research it takes to match the Symptomologies of these conditions. However, I will say this, there are MANY, MANY causes of Depression, from a Nutritional imbalance standpoint (most often), to a Poison Exposure related one. So VERY many. So I DO NOT lump all Depression cases that come into my door into one Category. I do the Research on each case as an individual, and find the Rubrics based upon EACH one. Everyone was raised in a different situation, has been exposed to different Pathogens, Poisons, Stresses, Griefs, etc. So all these factors need to be taken into consideration when I do a workup on a Depressive individual.

My Hair analysis / Facial analysis also tells me a story of what's going on with the individual. Lots of people sometimes neglect to give me ALL of their symptoms. Perhaps it is because they may be embarrassed, or perhaps they think that one or two of their symptoms are bizarre, and that they never mention it to anyone. The Hair analysis does not lie, and leads me to the right remedy in spite of the omissions, but please DO keep in mind that the only thing I go on when I do my Research are the Rubrics, so, if you decide to call me at some point, please tell me EVERYTHING! It will allow me to find your Rubrics much quicker and more accurately!

As I was saying, in the Bi-Polar department, a LITHIUM imbalance tells me, when present in a hair analysis, that the person involved has Kidney and Bladder problems. Possibly E-coli, or Enterococcal infestation, or Parasites are the culprits, who knows?

There are so many things that can irritate the Kidney and Bladder.

These things "eat" Lithium in a normal individual, and may lead to an incorrect diagnosis of Bi-Polar disease, when in reality, it may be the Kidneys / Bladder that has caused the problems all along. When the Kidneys / Bladder is not in order, it causes a build up of poisons in the system, which, in turn can affect the personality. A vicious circle.

I can find out what's going on inside, and let you know.

If a Kidney / Bladder involvement is not the case, there are many, many Homeopathic remedies that cover Bi-Polar Rubrics, and Depressive Rubrics that all have historically been proven to help relieve the symptomologies, sometimes completely.

This is an excellent window to be able to look through in regards to your own health and the health of your loved ones. The difference between Homeopathy and Allopathy is also covered in my extensive article "Homeopathy Explained", mentioned above.

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