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Pet Hair Sample
Instructions for taking samples for mammal, bird, or reptile hair/tissue analysis:
Have ready 2 labeled sandwich baggies per animal. (name of animal, date, owner's name, address, phone number and E-mail address.) Boil a pair of scissors and a pair of tweezers. Have a camera ready. Rubber gloves.

With gloved hands, from under the arm or wing of the mammal, in question, clip some hair, or in the case of a bird, with the tweezers, pluck a blood feather, or in the case of a reptile, pull a scale. If a snake, pull a scale from behind the ear hole. Carefully place the specimen into one of the labeled baggies. Take a photo of the animal with no one or nothing else in the picture.I need to be able to see the animal's eyes in the picture in order to analyze it properly. This is also to insure the animal matches the sample that is sent to me. I will not do an analysis without a photograph.

Place the photo in the other labeled baggie, and mail both to me, after payment is made on-line, or mail with payment. Be sure to include your return address.
Blood Feather and Reptile Scale Sexing:
Pull a blood feather from under the wing of the bird in question, using a sterilyzed tweezer. Place specimen in a labeled small zip lock baggie.. In the case of reptiles;using a magnifying glass and a sterilized tweezer, pull a scale from under the arm of the reptile. If a snake, pull a scale from behind the ear hole on the side of its face. Take a photograph of the bird or reptile, and include that with the scale or feather sample. The picture is for my reference file. Mail with the appropriate fee, or pay on line to:
Dr. Alva Irish
236 Fuller Drive
Easley, SC 29640
Offices in Greenville SC, Spartanburg SC, Anderson SC and Columbia SC.

Be sure to include your return address.
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