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A Treatis on eliminating Formaldehyde from the Body, Workplace and Home.

Formaldehyde itself is a very active compound, Chemically. In Hospitals, it has been used to preserve dead bodies of Mankind and Animals for over a hundred years. It is used in quite concentrated solution in water, and called "Formalin". It cannot be stored in its pure state, since it is a Gas . ( boiling point -21 o C or -5.8 o F) For convenient use, it often is changed to its polymeric forms which can be decomposed back into single Formaldehyde molecules while heating. A common compound of Formaldehyde, "Formic Acid" (which is the oxidizing product of Formaldehyde while exposed to air (Oxygen) is Acidic in nature, and is generally the compound used in the Workplace, Mobil and Manufactured Homes, Carpeting, the Lumber industry, and the Clothing industry. (sizing contains this acid compound).

While Formic acid is Acid, and Ammonia is Basic (mildly basic), Ammonia can react with Formaldehyde to form another basic compound, a harmless imine, with the by product of Water.

Both the Formaldehyde and Ammonia compounds are very similiar in Chemistry.

The Chemical Equation is as follows:
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