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I know you are used to coming into a Doctor's office, waiting for hours, all the while being exposed to things
you don't want to think about, and being charged for just saying hello!

Well, Welcome to On-Line Homeopathy!

Just follow the easy instructions below, and I will do the research.

Let's begin!

Please send me a S.A.S.E. with 6 stamps on it for return documents.
Explanation of Papers:

1. Waivers: This does two things. One, you agree that I am NOT a Medical Doctor, and do not hold myself out as one, and two, you give me permission to do your work-up.
     I will not do your workup unless I have the signed waiver.

2. A detailed questionaire. Please fill it out thoroughly. If you cannot answer something, skip it, I will get gack with you via E-mail about it.

3. Homeopathy explained, telling you exactly how Homeopathics work.

4. This instruction sheet.


1. The Signed waiver.

2. The Completely filled out Questionnaire.

3. A list of what you are experiencing NOW, what is your main concern or set of symptoms that led you to me in the first place.

4. Who referred you to me. If no one, where did you hear my name?

5. Please cut about a teaspoonful of clean hair form the nape of your neck. Use sterilized scissors. Put hair sample in a zip lock baggie and LABEL. Do not let anyone else handle your hair sample.

6. Have someone take a Polaroid photo of your FACE. This can be a Polaroid Photograph, or a Passport regular photograph from any UPS store. (Please read instructions as to how to handle the photograph) Please do NOT wear makeup. It needs to be a CLOSE UP. Do NOT handle the photo or let anyone else handle the photo. Wear gloves or handle it by the white part only. My instruments are very sensitive and oils from your hands will ruin the tests. This is for the Free facial Analysis. It has to be a Polaroid because that is what fits into the instrument. I will NOT do any Homeopathic workups without a facial analysis, so the Polaroid is essential. Please send. Place in a separate zip lock baggie.

7. Place the signed waiver, the hair sample, the completed Questionnaire, and the photograph in a reinforced envelope and mail it to me along with your payment. 
Please include a telephone number that I can call you back, COLLECT, so that I can discuss your findings when I get them.

8. I will need for you to write down, the names and potencies of ALL the Homeopathic remedies you have EVER taken in the past. If you do not remember, tell me.

9. Also, I will need for you to write down ALL of your supplements, and their ingredients .

10. When you receive your remedies, DO NOT let others handle or sniff your remedies. Go to a quiet room, over a table, preferably over a plate, and take them one by one, CHEW them thoroughly, and go on to the next one.

11. Please wash your hands between each dose. DO NOT handle all of the pills, just what you are going to take.

12. Take each pill with your hand and place it into your mouth each time.


A dose is to touch it, smell it, eat one pill, eat a whole bottle. Again, timing is everything, so please do not take anything out of context.

Homeopathic remedies NEVER stop working, They are like computer chips. If you have taken even ONE dose in the past of a Homeopathic remedy you purchased,  or was given by a friend, YOU MAY BE PROVING IT and needing it antidoted. I can tell if you are, but I DO need to know what you took and the potency.

Just because you stop taking a remedy does NOT mean that it has stopped working. Again, Homeopathic remedies NEVER STOP WORKING.

Finally, after you take the remedies, I NEED TO BE E-MAILED and told how you are doing, so I can monitor what is going on with you.

I want to hear what symptoms have gone away and which ones remain.

I will fine tune you as time progresses, and do a recheck in about three to four weeks. The re-check requires a newly grown hair sample. For the sample, choose a  two inch square area of your leg and do not shave it. Start to grow the hair after you have taken the last dose of your remedies. When you have grown the hair for  two weeks, shave it onto a white piece of paper, fold it, and put it into a labeled zip lock baggie. Mail it to me with a note that says what symptoms remain.

DO NOT purchase or take ANY Homeopathic remedy yourself after you have decided to use my services! Something you may choose, or a friend recommend, may  cause a bad reaction with the carefully chosen remedies that are specific to YOUR system.

Do NOT self dose! If I have suggested you purchase a bottle of a remedy and you have some of the remedy left, just because it worked as I wanted it to when you followed my directions, doesn't mean that you can take it any time you want. Please refer to the above paragraphs regarding timing. If you do so, You may antidote,  or change the balance we have worked so hard to achieve. If you are having a recurrence, then you need to e-mail me! A repeat dose, a stronger potency, or a complimentary remedy may be in order.

Go to Waiver and Questionaire
**You may have me do a recheck as often as you like after the initial one @ $75.00 per recheck.
Just follow the above instructions, write down any new symptoms or recurring ones, and mail it to me, along with your payment!
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