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The Cure for Johnes Disease in Goats

by Dr. Alva Irish


The reason I started researching homeopathic treatment for Goats and other farm animals was because I love them so much and I hate to see valuable animals put down when it is so easy to cure them instead, Of an incurable wasting disease with diarrhoea.
Johne's (pronounced "Yoh-nees") disease and paratuberculosis are two names for the same disease. This fatal gastrointestinal disease was first described in a dairy cow in 1895.
A bacterium named Mycobacterium avium ss. paratuberculosis causes Johne’s disease.
The infection is contagious, which means it can spread from one goat to another, and from one species to another (cows to goats, goats to sheep, etc. basically all Ruminants can get this disease.) There are only two signs or symptoms of Johne’s disease: rapid weight loss and diarrhea.
Johnes disease cannot be treated with antibiotics. Only Homeopathy has the cure.
Like Humans, Each Goat is different and may need different remedies for the same illness and symptoms.
I would need to do a complete workup on the animal to cure it, but Cure it I can.
After I treated my first Goat that had this horrible wasting disease with my Homeopathics
the scours stopped within 24 hours and the goat went on to have another definition of incurable changed overnight and since then many "incurable" diseases have responded to homeopathy. Please bring your sick goats to me. I can help them!

Dr. Alva Irish

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