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The links below are for case studies and research that Dr. Irish
has done on homeopathy and natural health-related issues.

A Discussion of Arnica 
A Discussion on Homeopathy 
A Proving of the Blood of a North American Crow 
A Proving of Thiosinamine
A Repetorization of Anthracinum 
All about Homeopathic Vaccine Nosodes
Black Widow Spider Poisoning in the Goat
Bowel Nosodes
Diabetes ~ A Homeopathic and Nutritional Approach 
Emergency Preparedness
Fear of Vomiting 
Foot and Mouth Disease 
For a Parvo Emergency 
High Cholesterol  
Hoang nan 
Homeopathic Approaches to Cancer 
Homeopathic Cure for Marek's Disease in Chicks 
Homeopathic Instructions for Bioterrorism 
Homeopathics for the CAE Problem (Goats)
Homeopathy Explained 
How to Cure Kidney Stones  
How to Cure Johnes Disease in Goats
Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
Lac Lupinum Wolf Milk Proving 
Liquid Preparations of the LM 
Making the Most of a Remedy Once You Get It 
Morning Sickness in Pregnancy 
Obesity Cause and Cure
Poisoning and the Common Parsnip 
Remedies for Emergency 
Scientific Proof that Homeopathics WORK 
Self Destructive Remedies 
Smallpox - Black Plague - Yellow Fever Homeopathics 
Tincture Formulae 
Trauma Release Formulae 
Uses and Benefits of Kefir and Yogurt
What is this Korsakov Potency? 
Center for Mankind Foundation 
Irish Cornish Rex Cattery 
Homeopathic Remedies Store
Homeopathy Overnight
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