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Hi ! My name is Dr. Alva Irish, also known as Nine Crows.

I am part Cherokee, Chickasaw and Shoshone. My Aunt Colleen gave me the name Nine Crows, as my Clan People name.

That was because when I was born, Nine Crows were outside the Hospital Window making all kinds of Racket and followed my  Mother home from the hospital. They have been with me ever since.

I was born in Liberty, Texas, the heart of Petroleum country.

Liberty is the home of the Liberty Oil fields, which leak Natural gas fumes into the open air, 24 hours a day.

So many people around Liberty were constantly ill from it, I became interested in Health at a very early age, and have been using  and studying Homeopathics since I was 13.

In 1982 I met and married Joe Baumgartner, a Photographer for N.A.S.A., and one of the most famous fashion photographers in New  York City.

After moving in l996 to our Dairy Goat Farm in the Midwest, My husband Joe and I were poisoned with Carbon monoxide by a faulty Heater.

Because of the damage to our bodies caused by the odorless gas, we were given the edict, "Get your affairs in order!".

I was also Diagnosed with Erythropoetic Protoporphyria (EPP) , Diabetes and Angeoedema, the poisoning triggered to active Genetic Diseases I didn't know I even had. The EPP, which causes an extreme sensitivity to light and chemicals was triggered into action by the Stress from the poisoning.

I was told bluntly, that I was going to die, that I could never take antibiotics, or any medicines of any kind again, and that there was no hope, no cure for my  condition. This was because the Porphyrias affected my Liver, and almost all antibiotics and medicines are excreted through that crucial Organ.

Well, I thought otherwise. I had to hurry to get the education I needed to Heal myself and my family, and I had no time!!!

Having already spent years on my education, but seeing no need to hurry to finish the Credits needed to get my Degrees before all this happened, I quickly went  to work and finished my Education through the Clayton College of Natural Health, The American Institute of Holistic Theology, and the British Institute of  Homeopathy, finishing the credits and earning my Phd, DHM, DN, and DD, even though I was very ill.

From the British Institute of Homeopathy, in addition to finishing my education there, I went on to win the coveted Silver medal for making the Highest Honors in Scholastics. They awarded me the title to use of FBIH.

I made a promise to Spirit that if I did in fact survive, in return, I would do everything I could to find Treatments and Cures for so-called Incurable and Genetic  diseases using Alternative means, in order to help others in the same situation as I now found myself.

So I set up a 501(c)(3) tax exempt Foundation dedicated to finding Cures and Treatments for Incurable and Genetic Diseases using Alternative methodology only.  It is called "Center for Mankind Foundation, Inc" and is located in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. (South Carolina Tax exemption #6743 Fed 501(C)(3)Pend. )

The Foundation accepts Grants, Gifts, and Bequeaths 

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 I chose to specialize in Homeopathy because Homeopathics are not excreted by the liver, so they were completely safe for me and Joe to take. I polished my  skill in using them so that I latenized all of my and my husband's symptoms, spurring Social Security into sending me a letter telling me, "Your Health has Improved" and removing me from the disabled list!

This to a person with an incurable Genetic condition!

I now maintain an active On-Line Homeopathic / Naturopathic Practice in South Carolina, and do Long Distance Homeopathic Research, without the need of  prospective clients having to travel all the way to my office for an appointment.

I do the online treatments because when I was so ill, it was an extreme effort even to go to the grocery store, much less travel a long distance to go see a  practitioner.

And if I DID go, all I would do is sit in their office, give them the samples they requested and answer questions about my symptoms.

Then I would be sent home, only to come back after the practitioner did all the research on their time.

My visit back would cumulate in them giving me a prescription which I had to fill myself.

Why? I thought??? Why did I have to go OUT to see some one, as sick as I was???

I wished there was someone that would just do everything I needed on-line, someone to whom I could just send my samples and symptoms to that would evaluate everything and stay with me so I could heal.

There was no one at all.

When I made myself better, I decided to give that kind of service to everyone else so they would be able to have Homeopathic and Naturopathic care without  having to leave the comfort of their own home.

IN my On-line practice I receive the samples and waivers thru the mail and set up a time to do the Rubric interview over the telephone. I then email the results  back to the client and the work up is done. I stay with my clients until they are better, doing follow up checks, and rechecks until they are balanced.

I also have an agreement, which can be paid in one lump sum that would make me your family practitioner for life, with as many questions and rechecks that you  want. Ask me about it!

I am currently doing Research for the Porph-Alternatives Group, finding Homeopathic treatments to alleviate the pain and suffering of others with Porphyria, and  am also working with Project Hope, with their Autistic Children, and a group Dedicated to helping those with Hepatitis and other Liver Diseases..

I have made myself available to talk with you any time and work seven days a week. Consultations are by appointment. I am a Premier Expert in Homeopathy at and was nominated as Volunteer of the Month for May 2001, by for doing the Best Job as a Homeopathic Expert.

I have been asked why I do this?

You want to know why?

Because I LOVE it!

I love to hear my clients tell me how much better they feel, and I love it when I see how they become happy and healthy again because of my help.

An update!

My husband Joseph Baumgartner and I were in an auto accident in 1998. He went thru the windshield and got Parkinsons disease from the blow, Like Mohammad Ali, and I broke the end of my spine completely off and twisted my L5 inward.

In 2006 Joe died a terrible death from being starved of water at a nursing home in Hendersonville, NC. He had a heart attack and left us.

 In 2007 I met and married Bart Arrowood, a Cherokee Indian Painter. He fully supports my practice and treats me like a queen.

Training and Experience:
Head of Research and Development Hill’s Corporation 1980-1982

The Operating Company for Science Diet pet foods, a 1.75 million dollar Animal Food Development and Manufacturing Company, which consists of all types of Science Diet animal foods, including special foods for zoo animals. 1-800-255-0449

Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher Kansas Neurological Institute 1977-1979 A Kansas based organization which deals with the Retarded, Disabled, Autistic, and Incorrigibles, some mentally disturbed clients are included in their roster.

Kansas State Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Teacher Permanent Certificate

Member of Mensa

Former Publisher and Editor of the Allergy Sig's International Alternative Health Newsletter, "The Big Sneeze", Greenville, SC. For Mensa. 1997-2000

Wrote and Published several articles for Alternative Health Care Magazines and Publications. 1995-1997

Discovered a new Dog parasite under the auspices of Dr. Bannergee at Broward Community College, Pompano, FL. 1972-1973

Did Scientific Research on Color Genetics, hooded rats, 1972-1973 Pompano, Florida

Member of and Certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA) Las Vegas, Nevada

Certified by the S.O.U.L. Clinic to do Religious Psychiatric Counseling (Universal Life Church, Birmingham, Alabama)

Kansas State Certified Animal Care Taker II and III Permanent Certificates

Licensed and Certified to practice Naturopathy in Washington, D.C. by the Department of Health, Health Care Licensing & Customer Service Division Registration Programs.. License number NAT302 2002

I won the Silver Medal for my work in Homeopathy.

Former President Clinton's Homeopath/Naturopath. I have a letter of thanks from him hanging on my wall.

Member of the AHHA.

Wrote articles free-lance for the Miami Herald and a Virginia Newspaper.

Have had articles published by Countryside Small Stock Journal and the Dairy Goat Journal about Animal Alternative Health.

Have earned several Degrees from the College of Metaphysical Studies in Florida.

Graduated from the British Institute of Homeopathy, received a Dhom, Dihom, DvHom

Graduate student of Clayton College of Natural Health, Phd in Natural Health (diss/clss.pend)

I have my own website, I am known as Ask a Homeopath !!!

Pittsburg HS Pittsburg, Texas 1963-1967

GED Baytown Community College, Baytown, Texas 1968

Attended RICE University, Houston, Texas 1969-1970

Associates Broward Community College, Pompano, Florida 1972 -1975

Bachelor of Art Washburn University Topeka, Ks 4Pt Grade Average

DD Doctor of Divinity Universal Life University Modesto, California 1997

Specializing in Religious and Bereavement Counseling

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Health) (dss/clss.pd) Clayton College, Birmingham, AL 1992-1997

DN (Doctor of Natrology) a nondenominational religious Degree equivalent to a Doctorate in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Health,

American Institute of Holistic Theology Birmingham, AL 1992-1997

DiHOM, DHM, DvHOM Diplomate of the British Institute of Homeopathy, Staines, Middlesex, England 1992-1997

DSc (Doctor of Science) (dss/clss.pd) Westbrook University Aztec, New Mexico 1992-1997

Computer Skills: IBM PC, MacRep, Zizia, Radar, Windows apps, MS pub, Intrinsic Data Field Manipulation Skills (Professional Level)

Graduate of the College of Metaphysical Studies Several Doctorates, various including Spiritual Surgery, and Long Distance Healing.

18514 U.S. 19 N. Suite B, Clearwater FL 33764 (727) 538-9976 (800) 780-META Fax (727) 539-7323

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