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The fee for a complete Work Up is $112.50. This includes Hair and Facial Analysis. You must complete all questions below. You will need to pay prior to submitting  your completed questionnaire. Once you complete the payment section please return to this page to answer questions. The Doctor will notify you via return e-mail  when your analysis is complete. Please read the instructions again to make sure you follow all directions.
Please download the form, fill out this form in it's entirety and mail it along with your hair samples along with your photo to the address at the bottom.
  Click here to Download Questionnaire  
Please pay in advance through the order form, then submit this form and send hair samples and waiver through the mail.
You may send the photos along with them or email them.
Dr. Alva Irish
236 Fuller Drive
Easley, SC 29640
Phone: 864-605-0474
Offices in Greenville SC, Spartanburg SC, Anderson SC and Columbia SC.
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