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What is this Korsakov Potency?
Is it a company's brand?
Simeon Nicolai Von Korsakov (1788 -1853) He was a Russian count, who invented a new method of homeopathic preparations.
The Korsakovian method or single phial system is based on the following principle:

When one empty a phial there remains one drop of the solution adhered to the walls of the phial thus
one obtains a dilution of the ratio 1/100.

This method saves a lot of phials. Hahnemann approved this method. He writes in a note about impregnation of
globules with a medical substance (invented by Korsakov) in 1829 :

"This method, recommended by my honored correspondent, deserves the gratitude of every homoeopath, because it is,
like my experience has convinced me, the most perfect that has been proposed"

After the 30th potency of Hahnemann, there appeared 200, M, 10M, 50M, CM.
Such potencies would be impossible according to the Hahnemannian method of separate phials.

Nowadays the start is made with a C30 potency, to guarantee there is no 'material' involved further in the process,
because of the absorption of material in the pores of the glass in the early stages.

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